18v Led Bulb Lanterns Day Industrial Advantage

by:Leimove     2020-07-07
18v led bulb lanterns day industrial advantage One day light is eight hours, a year of electricity is, but three pieces of five. LED Lanterns day of the low consumption and high luminous efficiency, long life is striking, and is considered the 21 st century the most promising high technology of the green industry. In recent years, along with semiconductor luminescence materials research unceasingly though, LED manufacturing new craft, new material development and application, all sorts of color brightness LED made breakthrough progress. The application of LED lanterns day is also gradually mature, by the consumer acceptance. Enterprise book business opportunities, more and more traditional lighting enterprise and emerging LED enterprise joined LED the procession of lanterns day manufacturing. So what has LED Lanterns day development advantage? The United States is appropriate for everyone to make a brief analysis. First of all, LED lanterns day of relatively small investment. LED the initial investment of one hundred million yuan RMB to the factory, photoelectric, ShiLan micro habitat in the industry such as the total assets of the famous market is more than 10 one hundred million yuan, the domestic enterprise entry threshold is low, easy to implement rolling development, this and integrated circuit manufacturing and LCD panel manufacturing penchant for billions of yuan to tens of billions of investments is 'trivial', the domestic enterprise easily into the industrial clusters. Second, resource superiority. Our country has abundant non-ferrous metal resources, indium gallium, rich reserves, of the world's reserves of 70% to 80% in China, which development LED Lanterns day industry has the resources advantage. Mature technology, LED the downstream encapsulation and component production belong to labor-intensive, our country has an obvious labor cost advantage. At present, our country lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the electricity consumption, in the current energy extremely scarce, reduce illume is an important way to save energy. According to research estimates that by 2010, if our country's existing 1/3 lighting light source adopts LED lamp, can power saving 150 billion degrees, according to 0.8 yuan per kilowatt-hour computation, can save 120 billion yuan. According to the existing electric energy structure estimation, equivalent to 25 million to 43.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of 1.35 million tons. Finally, the LED learning threshold to be low. Although domestic LED lanterns day industrial base was weak, craft level is low, but some Chinese enterprise through the hiring overseas technical personnel, in the technical constantly breakthroughs, many enterprises have made independent intellectual property rights, high-quality domestic enterprise's technical level has and Taiwan the technology level of giant much fewer, and international companies in the overall gap also shrink. In addition, the most common energy-saving lamps modelling improve space are very limited, and a lot of energy-saving lamps contain mercury and other harmful to the environment, such as being people disposed tubes discarded, prone to energy saving but not environmental protection. And LED Lanterns day with cold light, does not need to air, do not need to glass shell, not adding the mercury, from the production process to use process to scrap the whole completely avoid mercury pollution. At the same time, because of high efficiency of conversion warmth, discusses the small, LED lanterns day it is effective to prevent the long time of the heat pollution caused by lighting. When applied to the facade lighting, as the LED Lanterns day is installed at the roof glass curtain wall and glass curtain wall to external radiation, so it doesn't produce light pollution households. In addition, LED Lanterns day also has good color rendering, no frequency seems, the light is downy characteristics, known as the 'green light'. China's development LED lanterns lighting industry still has day is of advantage, in recent years, there have been investors and capital company check LED lanterns day market, participate in the industrial development of the special day, LED lanterns day is the development of the industry of our country industry and promoting and promote the lighting.
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