3 Ways That You Should Avoid To Repair Xbox 360

by:Leimove     2020-07-07
There are many resources inside the internet that educate people wrongly on how to repair Xbox 360 RROD (Red Ring Of Death) error. If you blindly follow those blogger or forum crazy method, you will damage your Xbox 360 prior repair, you will have no choice but spent another $200-$499 to purchased brand new console. Below are the few repair method that you should avoid: 1. The Towel Trick Method A few blogger and forums recommend 'The Towel Trick Method' this is a dangerous repair method that your should avoid. This method teach you to wrapping a hot towel around your Xbox 360 console will fix the over heating problem. Let think it this way. The Xbox 360 cost Microsoft billions of dollars to develop it. Do you really think that wrapping the console in a bath towel will fix it? Wrapping towels around your Xbox 360 will make the console even hotter. You have risk to set your Xbox 360 on fire by doing this than fixing it. 2. Solder Bad Connection on Xbox 360 One dangerous 'fix' recommended by some blogs is to solder bad connections in your Xbox 360. A professional Xbox repair guide does not and will not advocate the use of this solder method. Soldering of high tech electronic equipment is not like soldering a radio or TV. Original solders are created in dust-free labs and are checked with X-ray equipment retailing at $34,995. Do not attempt to re-solder your Xbox or you will damage it and void your warranty. 3. Put Your Xbox In The Freezer On the other hand, we have found some repair guides that advise you to put your Xbox 360 in the freezer. Okay, this is a very bad idea. You run the risk of damaging your console beyond repair. This is also another bad repair method that you should definitely avoid. So, you need to clear what you are doing by don't simply fall for these crazy repair techniques mentioned above. Once you damage your Xbox 360 prior repair, you will have no choice but spent $200-$499 to purchased another brand new console. The best, easiest and cheap way to fix your broken Xbox 360 is to DIY (do it yourself). You actually can fix your Xbox360 within 2 hours times with the right repair guide. Compare with 4-6 weeks by send back to factory, this definitely save a lot of times. You not need to be a tech geek in order to get your Xbox360 fixed, average person is more capable of getting the job done. If you can open a soda can, yon can fix your Xbox 360 red light.Once you learn how to repair your Xbox360, you can apply those skill to help your friend to fix the console too. By doing it kind of part time and make decent money from it. Recommended repair manual that you can learn everything on troubleshooting Xbox 360 here: Xbox 360 Red Light Fix
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