A Definitive Guide To Buy LCD/LED Television Online

by:Leimove     2020-07-07
With technology constantly re-inventing itself, a television is not left far behind. A year is a very long time in television technology time space and it really doesn't matter if you had purchased that latest flat panel television a year ago, which seems old or out of sync with new technology. So why replace your old TV with a new one now? Several new features such HDMI ports, Ethernet connectivity, Wi-Fi, Web apps, USB ports, 3D capability and much more which was once confined to PC are now making its way into a TV. Then wondering what to look for when buying a TV? You may either visit your nearest showroom and pick each TV and ask for features or a short online sojourn would answer your most of the queries to buy television online. However, an internet search for the TV would yield several websites telling you about different technologies and features which will only further the problem of buying right television. These TV buying guide covers everything from choosing between LCD, LED and to the latest 3D and smart TV technologies. LCD vs. LED TVs: These are 2 major types of flat-screen display technology, in addition to Plasma televisions. However, plasmas are now increasingly replaced by LEDs which produces same end result as that of Plasma. LED TVs are television sets whose display consists of an LCD with light-emitting diodes as a backlight, as opposed to other LCD TVs, which use fluorescent lamps for a backlight. Cost: LCD televisions cost less than either LEDs or Plasmas. If you are cost conscious and wants the HD ready TV without shelling a fortune, then LCD is the option. What is perfect for your living room: If you are looking for thinner TV full of captivating features, you may want to buy LED TV.LED TV are thinner than the LCD televisions, consumes the least electricity, has amazing colour reproduction, when compared to an LCD and lastly better viewing angles making it perfect for your living room. If you need a television for the living room, and are on a budget, the LCD is the one to consider. It will work the best in brightly lit rooms, with relatively narrow viewing angles and consumes much less electricity than a Plasma TV. Screen Size: The size of the screen depends on your living room and also you intended use of the TV. There are many screen sizes to choose from when you buy tv online through this website. These are categorized into below 40' and 40' and above. In below 40' category, you can buy TVs from 19 inch, 22 inch, 23 inch, 24inch, 26 inch and 32 inch. In 40' and above category, TVs comes in 40 inch, 42 inch, 46 inch, 47 inch, 52 inch, 55 inch, 60 inch and 70 inch. Make: There are several companies in the market making and selling TV. Each brand has its strength and weakness and choosing a right TV is an individual preference towards make. Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Benq, Sharp, Philips, Haier and many more has several models suiting to all your needs. Connectivity: The nitty-gritty. Make sure you have enough USB ports and HDMI ports enabling you to plug-in external devices like gaming consoles, DVD, Blu-ray players, audio systems and other accessories. Also PC input would be a great feature to look for if you want to connect your PC or laptop with the TV. 3D TV: If you're looking for 3D on a budget, look towards passive 3D in LCD TVs; for the best 3D experience possible, look at active 3D in LEDs. On the plus side, passive glasses tend to cost very little compared to active glasses. On a flip side active 3D goggles costs more. The smart TV: A smart TV is one that can be connected to the Internet to access content like streaming video, music, and entertainment apps. These TVs has built-in Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to make this a reality. These TVs are perfect if you plan on watching a lot of streaming content. Many of them also include peripheral inputs (like a USB or DVI input) and memory card slots so you can use your TV as your computer monitor, or view images straight from your camera or phone. If you've read this far, you are now armed with all the knowledge you need to find the perfect flat-panel TV. Now get out there and shop!
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