Advantages and Disadvantages of using LED Lights

by:Leimove     2020-07-06
LED lights are gaining popularity all over the world, and many countries are actually banning the incandescent light bulbs because of various reasons. Like any technology, LED technology has its advantages and disadvantages, and anyone trying to decide whether they should use it or not should go through these to know everything they should before they decide to. LED is advantageous because it gives a better quality of light as compared to the incandescent ones. It has white light, and the amount of illumination is much better, as compared to the common ones. Secondly, LED has a longer lifespan than any other types of lighting. Apart from the legendary bulb that has been running on since a hundred years now, no other form of artificial lighting can have a longer lifespan than the LED lights. While the lifespan of the LED is higher, it also ages much more beautifully as compared to the traditional bulbs. While a bulb might flicker and just die off, leaving you in a dark night, the LED light generally loses its brightness, and therefore gives the owner a lot of indication that it is on its last legs of service. LED lights are also softer on the eyes as compared to traditional lights. In traditional lighting, the amount of heat and glare that a person experiences as they move towards the light source is quite high, and that takes away a lot from the total amount of usable place that one has in the area where the light source is installed. Another advantage is that LED lights are much smaller than the average electric bulb, and therefore people can become creative with them while making decorative lighting and other types of lighting. For the aesthetically inclined, LED lights are available in various designs and styles, and can add the much-needed chutzpah to the house decor if the need arises. These are the advantages of the LED light, but this technology is not without its disadvantages. To begin with, LED lights are very expensive, and in some cases, they are at least thrice more expensive than the traditional lights, but it is also a fact that the lights have a longer lifespan. Other disadvantages, however irrelevant are that the lights may even lose colour, as time passes, and no two LEDs will provide the same exact amount of light. This can cause issues when it comes to decorative or premium lighting. Unless one knows how to tweak it so that the difference is barely noticeable, one cannot use LED lights when as decorative lights. The other disadvantage is that LED lights require a consistent voltage power supply, which might not be possible in the rural areas. An inconsistent voltage of power supply might actually conk off the LED light. While these are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights, the fact stands that more and more countries are embracing this new technology, and in a few years, we might not have the traditional tube lights and bulbs available. Therefore, it makes sense to begin using this technology as soon as possible.
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