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by:Leimove     2020-02-21
Compared with traditional lamps such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED strip lamps have many advantages.Some of them are inherent in LEDGeneral technology such as long life expectancy, while others are unique LED strips such as flexibility.This article will outline some of the advantages of these new generation strip lights.Less power like all LEDTechnically, the amount of electricity used by LED lights in operation is significantly reduced.A typical led meter strip will use about 7.2 W power, about 90% more efficient than other types of lighting.This makes them very affordable to run and allows users to try larger installations without worrying about running too many utility bills.Color LEDs are able to reproduce a wider range of colors than traditional lighting types, making them particularly suitable for effect lighting devices.In addition to the standard warm white and cold white for the environment, the led can also create a variety of traditional colors.The life of Led far exceeds the life of traditional lamps.Typical Strip lights will last 70,000 hours.Traditional flexible lamps and lanterns are often in the form of glass shells, which are both fragile and flexible.In contrast, the LEDs on the solar lamp are mounted on the flexible "ribbon" of the circuit board and can bend the 90 degree angle and make a surface suitable for gradient variation.Due to the long, thin design of these lamps, they are generally considered "linear" light sources.This enables them to be installed in locations where most other types of lighting cannot be installed.Under cabinets, niches, bookshelves and bookcases;You give it a name, just the strip light!Low-heat halogen lamps and incandescent lamps are notorious for becoming very hot during use.On the other hand, LED light strips produce relatively little heat, are safer to use, and are less dangerous to fire.Easy to install, very simple to install Strip lights, requires very little expertise.Most of them have 3 metres of self.The adhesive backing, which allows them to stick directly to the surface without the need to install or stand.Even if they don't have a self-Mounting brackets are still very easy, for example, and much simpler than installing fluorescent tubes.Cutting LED lighting lamp is one of the few types of lighting that can be cut at present.They are characterized by cutting points along their length, which can be used to shorten or separate strips.Non-Welding connections available for easy reconnectionOr you can ask your retailer to do the job for you.
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