12v led strip lights what can rgb do for you? -

by:Leimove     2020-02-21
LED Strip lights are some of the most versatile lighting effects.Their flexible and independent design makes you very creative in the way you light up your business and your home.They also allow you to be very creative in energy use, allowing you to run lighting at a fraction of the cost.A typical LED will use about a tenth of the power of a conventional incandescent lamp.This is because they turn less energy into heat and more into useful light.They also lasted for a long time.Incandescent lamps rely on fragile filaments that degrade very quickly.Instead of thin wires, LEDs use semiconductor diodes to emit light.These are 10 times longer than incandescent lamps;About 30,000 to 50,000 hours!The LED lights come in multiple colors, but if you really want the party to start, it's really worth considering the rgb led.Rgb led provides you with a variety of effects, providing more choices for corporate or home lighting.They make your use of light very imaginative and effortlessly create the mood and atmosphere that will bring space to life.In business places such as bars, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues, you will often find them used, but their flexible and compact design also makes them suitable for home use.Try using them in the kitchen, living room and study space and you will be able to completely reshape the look of the room.They are also great for special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.How to use rgb led rgb simply represents red, green, blue.The LEDs on the strip light mix these three colors at its light source to reproduce the entire spectrum.This allows you to get a rich and colorful effect, including a static color and an exchange of color sequences.You will find that most rgb led lights are equipped with remote control and red-The eye sensor you can install between the transformer and the emergency light.The remote control can determine the color of the Bar Light by changing the number of red, green and blue light mixed at the led light source.The remote control also allows you to operate variables such as the pattern, frequency, and brightness of the led, or program the lamp with a preset pattern.If you really want to create a spectacular display, you can consider upgrading to a DMX controller.The DMX is the industry standard for controlling stage effects and lighting, including smoke machines and spotlights.They can be programmed to control the frequency, brightness, color and almost any other aspect of the LED emergency light.The LED emergency light works at a very low voltage.This means that they have to go through a 12 v transformer instead of running directly from the power supply.This reduces the voltage from 240 V to 12 V, making the lighting very safe.Also pay attention to the specifications of the controller, which will let you know how many watts you can run.The wattage of LED strip light is determined by many variables, including the size of the LED, the number of LEDs per meter, the length of the strip light and the type of light they produce.For example, if you have a controller of 100 W and the performance of the rgb led emergency light is 5 W per meter, then you will be able to connect the 20 m emergency light.If you want to connect more, you need an amplifier to enhance the signal of the controller.Since the power capability of the controller remains the same, the amplifier needs to be powered by a separate transformer.The performance of the calculated rgb led is a little more complicated than the standard LED emergency light.The use of wattage is not constant and, in fact, varies depending on how they are programmed and how many red, green and blue LED are used.For example, if the LEDs are programmed to flash when turned off, they will not use any power supply.Therefore, it is always worthwhile to calculate the power used by the strip at its maximum performance, usually when it produces white light, from there.If the performance of the theRGB LED strip lamp does exceed the performance of the controller, the only thing that happens is that the LED becomes slightly darker due to not getting enough power.
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