25 watt led light bulbs making a green sense with bright light bulbs

by:Leimove     2020-02-18
This is the season of night, and the use of light and energy has increased.We can save more time and enjoyment by replacing the burning bulb with LED bulb lighting.Come and see us at www.LED light secoplus.Com we are in a month, when the clock is back to a small hour, just like the hour before dusk, the light is on earlier and the running time is longer.Would it be great to save some money and electricity on all lighting devices?LED bulbs with bright, long lasting, low brightnessCompared to incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL), lighting is possible when using less power.There are about 30 to 50 fixtures per family on average!In the United States, nearly 70% of these lamps contain inefficient bulbs, so lighting in ordinary homes uses more energy than laundry equipment, refrigerators and dishwashers.In 2012 the U.S.According to the latest data released by the Energy Information Administration, residential lighting consumes about 14% of all residential electricity consumption, that is, 186 billion kilowatt hours.Energy Star points out that if each household replaces a light bulb with only one bulb that meets the Energy Star standard, we will save enough energy to light up 2 million homes throughout the year.Thanks to the advanced technology of new LED bulbs.Compared with the CFL and incandescent lamps with the same brightness (lumens), the wattage of the LED is the lowest and the kWh of the year.An 11-watt LED will use 21 KW hours a year, a 22-watt CFL will use 42 KW hours a year, and a 75-watt incandescent lamp will use 142 KW hours a year.Based on the energy saving effect of the 1100 lumens bulb using about 1890 hours a year, the LED bulb can save costs over time because of its long life.LED bulbs can be used for 20 years.CFLs can last for 10 years while you need 25 incandescent lamps to illuminate your way for 20 years.These times range from 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours.If you are using CFLs, you may already be used to waiting for the lights to reach full light.They turn on the LED immediately.The Led is durable, insensitive to the weather, has no hazardous material, is not affected by frequent cycle on/off, has the lowest thermal output and has a dimmable version.As technology advances, diodes are grouped to provide more light and installed within the diffusion lens, which spreads the light to a wider area.Innovation in manufacturing technology has lowered the price to a higher cost level for LED bulbs --More effective than CFLs or incandescent lamps.This trend continues and LED bulbs are designed for more applications when prices drop.Christmas is also coming and you can consider Led Christmas lighting to save more when the sunset starts.When your incandescent lamp burns out, switch to led lighting and your energy consumption will be significantly reduced.If you use CFLs, you can still save energy costs and the cost-effective life of the bulb.Develop a habit of teaching children to turn off the lights when not in use.Put the lights outside on the timer so they don't run all night and don't shut down during the day.All lighting still needs to be used efficiently.The lights are like grapes that are easy to catch.Changing our lights with led saves millions of kWh in total.
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