4 inch led light bulb describe your christmas tree with snowflake

by:Leimove     2020-02-14
Have you started designing Christmas tree decorations?What is your Christmas tree like?Do you have a special theme?Well, find out your paper and pen and list all the preparations you need: candles, wreaths, snowflakes, etc, all to make an elegant snowflake Christmas tree.Have you started designing Christmas tree decorations?What is your Christmas tree like?Do you have a special theme?Now, let's start describing the trees you decorate or want to decorate: A: This is the first year my wife and I have built the Christmas tree in our new home.In the past, we always went to my house for Christmas anyway.So needless to say, we had to start from scratch and I was completely lost.She loves the white Christmas LED lights (which look more traditional) and I love the snowflake Christmas tree.It is suitable for this season, and pure white snowflakes make the tree more attractive.My tree has colored lights.(Only white light outside) I collect penguins;So all the decorations are penguins.I have some glass bulbs that reflect a lot of light and decorations like crystals.I love it, this is once a year and I can show all my penguins!I decided to buy a snowflake ornament every year.C: We usually have white lights on our trees. there is no theme.I like the snowman, so there are many.My mom has given me decorations every year since I was born, so when I moved out of her house, I already had a tree full of decorations.D: We have a prelim tree with colored and white lights, so we can pick it every day according to our mood.As for the decorations, we all have a bright, colorful and eclectic look.The formal "theme" tree is definitely not our style.We have red lights on our trees, as well as light bulbs and bows in red and gold.We have a lot of sparkling bulbs and bows.It\'s gorgeous!I use a variety of decorations so there is a lot of color and personality in it.But in order not to make it look too fancy, I used the white light and the red bead garlands.I make a Christmas tree with 40 snowflakes every year.I tried to improve my design this year, I used 3/4 to make something to hang the snowflakes, the snowflakes are 20 feet high, 20 long, there is a tee in the middle, three legs lift it up and tie it to a tree
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