4w led bulb dimming led bulbs and need of a low load dimmer switch?

by:Leimove     2020-02-22
If you are planning to purchase dimmable LEDit, it is worth checking their compatibility with existing dimmer switches.Dimming LED bulbs are not as simple as dimming halogen lamps, and simple voltage changes are enough in halogen lamps.Instead, the dimmer switch must compensate for constant current and low wattage.The first thing to remember is that there are two main types of dimmer switches;Front edge, also known as triac dimmer, rear edge.These switches cannot be exchanged.The internal driver on the LED bulb requires a rear edge dimmer switch to work.The standard dimmer switch is designed to work at relatively high loads, usually between 40 and 200 watts.In order to run the circuit load correctly, the combined wattage of all bulbs on the adjustable photoelectric Road must meet the minimum load specified on the dimmer switch.The circuit load can be calculated by multiplying the number of bulbs on the circuit by a single wattage per bulb.If the number obtained is less than the minimum load on the dimmer switch, you will face the following risksLoad it, which can cause some problems such as limited brightness and flickering.While it is no problem for each bulb to use about 50 watts of halogen lamps to reach the minimum load on the dimmer switch (the main concern here is overload), it may require several LED bulbs before reaching the minimum load.This may not be a problem if you run ten or more bulbs on the same circuit, but if you use less, you need a low-load dimming switch.The low load dimming switch is designed to compensate for the low energy consumption requirements of the led.As the name suggests, their minimum load is much lower than the standard dimming switch, allowing them to run fewer dimmable LED bulbs on a single circuit.Most dimmer switches are designed with in-built micro-A processor that provides overload protection.This means that if you mistakenly connect too many bulbs or transformers to the switch, it protects itself by automatically dimming or completely turning off.
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