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by:Leimove     2020-02-22
Remote Control, Motherboard, digital clock display, TV and computer screen;These are just a few of the many applications offered by eclectic LED (LEDs.Now, we can add lighting to this list because the development of more powerful LEDs makes them a viable energy-saving alternative to our traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.There are a wide variety of LED bulbs on the market, designed for a wide range of applications, including environmental lighting solutions, interior design lighting, building lighting and outdoor lighting, but so far, the most popular and impressive is the GU10 LED.But what makes GU10 a popular choice?Well, among other things, they are versatile, ubiquitous, offering a wide range of applications without being completely user friendly in terms of design and usability.Most people are familiar with GU10 twist-lock bi-Almost all houses in the UK have plug-in bayonet holders.They are installed in place with a simple push and twist and do not require a transformer when running a standard voltage.The reason why the GU10 LED is a particularly good choice is because it has two main advantages over the traditional halogen lamps, which makes them very worth the extra money.First of all, they are very, very energy efficient.To let you know how efficient they are, we will choose a light bulb at random.Gutierw high power LED bulbs, as the name suggests, use only 4 watts of power.However, the bulb still reaches the same lumen output (visible brightness) as the 45 W halogen lamp ).More efficient, more than 90!Therefore, users using the GU10 LED will greatly reduce the operating cost of home lighting.In addition to this, the led has an amazing expected service life.According to the model you purchased the GU10 LED, it can last you 30,000 to 50,000 hours in total, with an average of more than ten years in normal daily use.The equivalent halogen lamp will last only a fraction of this time;If you're lucky, you can squeeze out about 1,000 hours from a regular halogen lamp.This means you need to change at least a few times a year.These two factors, life and efficiency, combined, constitute one of the most important and attractive functions of the gu10 LED;their cost.For example, they do cost a lot more than traditional incandescent lamps in the early stage, but overtime can save you more replacement costs and utilities.Plug in your power today and start saving money.
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