5 watt led Making a 1 Watt LED Driver Circuit at 220V

by:Leimove     2020-03-10

White LEDs are undoubtedly potential lighting options for the next few days, mainly because these units can be illuminated brightly with relatively minimal wattage.For example, 1 watt LEDs have become more and more widely in these days due to their tiny size and powerful point brightness output, and as typical, these LEDs require only 4 V Watts.Here I will demonstrate how to build a very simple 1 W LED drive circuit powered by 220 V or 110 V, it may charge you no more than $1/2, of course, in addition to LED.In the circuit diagram, we notice a capacitor power supply circuit that is relatively easy to operate a 1 watt LED, which can be understood with the following details.The 1 uF/400 V capacitor at the input constitutes the center of the circuit and serves as the main current limiting element of the circuit.The current suppression function ensures that the voltage used on the LED never exceeds the specified level of safety.Nevertheless, there is an important issue with high voltage capacitors, which are often unable to control or prevent the initial opening of the power supply in the surge, which is disastrous for almost any electronic circuit, LEDs are no exception.The introduction of a 56 ohm resistor at the input end allows you to bring a certain amount of damage adjustment, but it itself does not really realize the full shielding of the required electronic equipment.MOV will definitely do the job, also, what about the thermal resistor?Of course, they can also be used as a recognized strategy.However, these are quite expensive, and we are referring here to an affordable change in the proposed layout, so we may want to run the entire cost, ignore anything that can cause a loss.So I considered a creative way to change MOV with a normal, cheap alternative.What is the purpose of MOV?In this case, it pushes the initial explosion of high voltage/current to Earth so that it can ground before hitting the LED.If connected to the LED itself, will the high voltage capacitor not apply the same operation process?In fact, it can certainly run in the same way as MOV.The figure shows the insertion of an additional high voltage capacitor directly on the LED, which immediately absorbs the intrusion of the voltage spike during the power switch on, and it charges itself at the same time, in this process, the entire initial voltage is almost diffuse.Surge is the most concerned problem in capacitive power supply circuit.The result shown in the figure is a fresh, protected, simple and a cheap 1 watt LED drive circuit that any electronics enthusiast can build directly at home, and for personal entertainment and applications.
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