60 watt led light bulbs for home clear vs. frosted light bulbs | ehow

by:Leimove     2019-09-05

Thomas Edison invented the clear bulb in 1879.The manufacturer finally launched a frosted bulb.Clear and frosted bulbs are incandescent light sources that are only slightly different.The transparent bulb is the same design as the frosted bulb.Both are made of glass and contain tungsten wire, which glows when electric heating, resulting in light.Also, lowand high-Ordinary bulbs and frosted bulbs have wattage bulbs.The internal glass of the frosted bulb contains a substance that covers the glass and spreads light.The clear bulb does not contain any special coating.Those who want soft, diffuse light use frosted bulbs.Clear Light bulbs make the light brighter for everyday applications.The inventor created an earlier version of the bulb since 1810, and all bulbs use clear glass without an internal coating.Frosted bulbs are not available until 1920 seconds.                                

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