an led You MUST Say Yes To The Business (And In-come) Within Your Reach

by:Leimove     2020-01-22
Quote: "The torture of preventive measures often exceeds the danger to be avoided.Sometimes it is better to give up your destiny.
Have you ever felt that there will be some significant things in your business, the next level is within your capabilities, and at the same time, wondering if you can really handle it, is there any need for you to implement it?For a while, this was observed curiously with my colleagues, students and mastermind clients.
I wonder, "Why is everyone around me afraid of the next level?Why don't they reach out to make it happen?"Well, after some reflection, I realized that my client was actually raising a mirror for me, deep inside, I am also afraid to leave my current comfort zone to do something bigger.
You see, things have been going well in this industry, however, I have always had a nagging feeling that the next big level is coming up (after the fact, for now, right in front of me.Duh.) At the same time, it seems like the universe is asking me to really strengthen my personal growth."Heal yourself, therapist ".I 've seen how to teach this "marketing and mindset" to others on a large scale, and I have to give in more to what I can do.You might think it's easy, but it's still a challenge for me and my clients.
Several experiences have shown that my "old" way of being is no longer working, especially for a business that is about to grow significantly (doubling in size in a year ).) Normally I don't acceptAn excuse to clean up such things.But this time, these things are more than normal.
I question whether I am "willing" to do what needs to be done, and whether I have the courage to do real big things.Have you ever felt this way?
Then, the same week, a good friend sent me a copy of the movie "The code of Moses" and said knowingly, "Fabienne, this is what you need ".In the fifth chapter of the movie, I broke down and cried.Not because of sadness, but because of the humble potential that is possible for anyone, for my clients and for me.The message from this movie is simple: we all have great destiny.As the code of Moses says, it can be a bit scary to solve such a big idea.The call for our next evolution (and success) is always on us.Someone wants you to take a very big journey.
But what is also pointed out in the film is that we often say to ourselves, "who am I ?", Instead of embracing the journey.I have nothing to ask.It is not enough for me to do so.\ "But the truth is, we have to recognize that in our business, in the process of serving others, within us, we are all called to do something great.Come on, be rich, because it doesn't need to work hard, and it doesn't matter, we're not all people who can achieve this fate at the moment.The problem is that when we say yes to the challenge, we grow into it.That's all.Then everything we need is given to us.

"God does not call qualified people by" yes ", it calls qualified people by" yes.
I realize that it is important that the person who initially said yes to the phone is not the one who delivered fate.Based on our ability and willingness to say "Yes, I am willing to continue this journey", we are constantly developing and developing.I know clearly that the decisive week is when you say "yes" on the phone and when the challenge reaches the next level, something that calls you qualifies you.When you say yes to the next big level, you start getting resources, skills, guidance, patterns.ney --Everything began to manifest.This is exactly what happened to me.) Then you will change and grow to be the one who can achieve your destiny.So cool.
The struggle is within the self, it intervenes and tries to protect the comfort zone we are used.The way "old" exists.It's mediocre, struggling, and frustrated for many people.You'll wonder why we're so stuck with mediocrity or frustration, but if you think about it, if that's what you 've been used to for years, that's the only thing you know.Everything else needs to change.Most people don't like to change, they certainly don't like to leave their comfort zone.
The problem is that to reach the next great level (and career success), you must be willing to walk out of your comfort zone and make changes that seem to threaten your "safe" lifestyle, because you know you're always safe anyway.There is no other way.In fact, things can become more difficult, complex and struggling without making changes.Until the end, your self said, "Okay, go!Do what you have to do, I have done it.
The problem is that you do have the ability to take your business to a new level.So, it's a question of courage and the willingness to have an old, worn-out safety blanket.I know from past experience that "fear of change and unknown" is much greater than the actual discomfort of walking into fear.
So, your choice is: great or mediocre.What do you want in your life and career?

If you haven't seen the movie "Moses password" yet, I highly recommend that you get a copy today (Amazon.comhas it).When you look at it, identify your potential and change the lives of others through your business.Understanding your ability and ability really takes this "thing" you create to a new level.But only when you say yes to the challenge.I know I will.

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