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by:Leimove     2020-01-17
Make Custom Christmas decorations to get you into the festive mindset.While creating a festive atmosphere at home, an easy and inexpensive way to start the holiday season is to paint clear Christmas bulb caps in all colors.You can customize the external Christmas lights or add characters to your home Christmas tree.
Remove the bulb cap from a string of Christmas lights.Clean the outdoors with water and wet wipes.
Gently secure the bulb in place with a small vise handle and start painting the paint on the outside of the bulb cover.Choose colors that are usually associated with Christmas, such as red, green and blue, or choose a more unusual color to suit your home decor.
Apply as much paint as possible on the outside of the bulb as needed until the paint completely covers the bulb.Clean your brush in a cup of water between colors.Once the outside has been painted, place the bulb cover on the cardboard board, or hang it upside down to allow the excess paint to drain when the bulb cover is dry.If you are drawing a working bulb, please use the non-water-based paint.
After the bulb is dry, put the painted cap back on the bulb.
Plug the bulb strands into the power supply, string them along the Christmas tree, or hang them outside your home.
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