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by:Leimove     2020-01-18
Lighting has long been dominated by incandescent lamps, and its design is almost the same as the original 1879 version of Thomas Edison.Schools and other areas that use lighting throughout the day need lights that are more advantageous than inefficient and short lightsLong-lasting incandescent lamps;As a result, newer, more favorable lighting types are often used.Many types of fluorescent bulbs have become the standard for operating lighting in schools.
The most common lamp in school is a fluorescent lamp.These look like long cylindrical tubes that usually have a length of 4 or 8 feet.They are extremely efficient, 75% more efficient than standard incandescent lighting85% of the world's home lighting.They typically have a life span of 7,000 to 24,000 hours, 10 times that of incandescent lamps.
Circline lamps allow the use of fluorescent bulbs in ambient lighting.The school usually uses ambient lighting.It's a lowlevel lighting—In large indoor areas that do not require sufficient light.Circline lamps provide a good alternative to traditional lamps with lower efficiency using incandescent lamps.Circular lights are also common for portable mission lighting --This may be used on the teacher's desk in the classroom.
Another type of fluorescent lighting is "compact fluorescent lighting" or CFLs.CFLs is one of the newer types of fluorescent bulbs and is very popular due to the ability to be installed directly in an incandescent socket.Compact fluorescent bulbs are generally available for 10,000 hours.They are very small, with small cylindrical pipes, and the overall size is very similar to that of incandescent lamps.The key to their energy efficiency is to regulate the electronic ballast of the current entering the bulb to prevent wasted energy consumption.
Another type of lighting that is common in some schools is halogen lamps.Although halogen lamp is an incandescent lampTungsten wire-It still has some improvements to make it more energy efficient and lasting.Halogen lamps are designed to recover heat.They do this by internal coating and filling the gas that reflects heat to the inside, so that it consumes less energy.
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