best price on led light bulbs Marijuana plants flourish under LED lights

by:Leimove     2020-03-23
best price on led light bulbs Marijuana plants flourish under LED lights
TUMWATER, Wash.—Behind two inconspicuous windowsIn a building near the Olympia Regional Airport, hundreds of cannabis plants have recently blossomed in the purple smoke of 40 LED lights.It's a high-Experiment of interest in energy conservationA business subsidized by a local power company.As cannabis cultivation is expected to become a big business in parts of the country, electricity companies and government officials hope that cannabis cultivation will become a green industry.The plants here are destined to be sold in the form of dried flowers, joints or edible items, only a few weeks from the harvest, sending out a strong fragrance of the storage room grateful to the deceased.But the energy-Efficient LED lights are the focus of attention."We want to find a way to save energy --It's important for us, "said Roger Rutter, a retired pilot who started this indoor pot --After Washington legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, Evergrow's northwestern agricultural company.Rutter said: "We want to be able to provide the best products at the best price, and a large part of the cost is energy.As marijuana becomes more legal,Before several other states relaxed their restrictions on election day, about 24 states had legalized it in some form --Power companies have been working hard to cope with the energy-intensive demands of the growing industry.In addition to transformer explosions and utility power outages in some places, the rise of cannabis companiesAlso improved cleaningIn parts of the country where fossil fuels remain a major source of electricity, the air problem is worrying.Even in many places where it is legal to grow marijuana, growers must keep their crops out of the public eye.In any case, many growers prefer to control the environment by growing plants indoors.Traditionally, indoor manufacturersPrevious basement, garage and dark warehouseRelying on heat, highIntensity light.When air-According to an estimate, regulation and ventilation are included, and the energy used to grow a single cannabis plant will run seven refrigerators during the same period.But under the incentive plan of the local utilities, Evergrow is able to install more than 100 complex LED grow lights, hoping to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality or output.The utility, Puget Sound Energy, receives approximately electricity from hydro, and the rest, mostly from coal and gas, provides grants to help customers offset Energy costsImprove efficiency.Although the original LED light is more expensive-They can run $1,600 per vehicle, compared to $350 at a high price.Pressure sodium lamps for traditional useThey have lower requirements for electricity in the long run, which means they can save money.This is not just because the LED lights consume a lot less energy when running.They also run cooler and need less Airconditioning."It's a snowball effect," said Rutter, surrounded by dozens of specimens called Lodi Dodi and secret recipes."You just don't absorb that much energy.Utilities elsewhere have already felt the impact of cannabis liberalization laws on energy.For example, Pacific Electric Power, based in Portland, Oregon., Tracking power outages in some neighborhoods, and finding a group of residential customers who use state laws to allow up to four cannabis plants per household for personal use.Denver is one of the largest and state-of-the-art cannabis industries, and the demand for energy and water is so high that the city's Ministry of Environmental Health has convened a working group to develop proposals to help businesses be more sustainable.The cultivation and sale of marijuana, although permitted by state law, is still a federal crime.This makes it a challenge for utilities to work closely with growers and leads to tensions with federal law enforcement agencies.As a result, many power companies are reluctant to offer energy incentives or rebates to cannabis growersImprove efficiency.This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest, where many of the energy discount programs are funded by the Bonneville Power Authority, a federal non-profit power marketing agency whose rulesPortland General Electric, for example, had to set up a separate billing system for the familyIncrease operations and separate them from Bonneville.Puget Sound Energy, a utility company at Evergrow, is not a client of Bonneville, said Dave Montgomery, head of the utility's commercial Energy management group.Speaking of cannabis cultivation, he said: "It is legal here and we are obliged to provide them with the same services as others.With your own energyMontgomery said the new Enterprise's efficiency plan helped Puget Sound Energy avoid overload transformers caused by the first popularity of cannabis cultivation.At Evergrow, the company planted most of the plants under the led, but kept a space known as energy.The room was terrible and lit up by high lightsPressure sodium lamp as an experimental control.The plants in that room hovered around 88 degrees in a recent visit, although there were 16 fans that helped spread cold air from the outside and from the air above the head --Adjust the vent to produce a little more flowers, but the effect is slightly lower."It takes a lot of effort to keep the function of this room," wearing T-The shirt and jeans sparkled on his forehead in bright yellow glare, and he stared at the lush plants with his unique handShaped leaves and blurry budsFlower stalks everywhere.Energy, Rutter estimatesMore than half of his monthly electricity bill of about $5,000 is "bad room", although it only contains one --Long lights for the first quarter of the building.With a rebate from utilities, Rutter said, he ended up paying about $72,000 for LED lights, which usually costs about $162,000.Now cannabis cultivation is legal, shame has disappeared, and the company's sales are growing, says Rutter.As of October, the company's sales this year were $513,880, more than double its sales for the full year of 2015."We didn't grow fast enough," he said with a smile, as a group of employees quickly filled and sealed the plastic packaging of the joints and threw them into the bin."We try to get plants to take steroids."LED lighting system at Evergrow house, Wash in Tumwater., Oct.19, 2016.An electric power company in Washington is providing incentives to cannabis growers to improve their operationsInterest in energy conservation experiments.(Ian C.Bates/New York Times) reduced the LED lighting system at Evergrow house in Tumwater., Oct.19, 2016.An electric power company in Washington is providing incentives to cannabis growers to improve their operationsInterest in energy conservation experiments.(Ian C.
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