big led light bulbs inner subtle light and its material energy

by:Leimove     2020-02-15
The United States has designed a technology to generate 5 billion watts of electric energy through a single laser beam.Surprisingly, the light is very thin and very tiny.In order to control these scattered light, in order to focus/focus them on a point, glass lenses with a diameter of less than 1000 cm were used.If it becomes more subtle and subtle, its energy and power will be more amazing.If the sun's light is focused in one place through a glass lens, Sparks will be ejected from there.Fire, energy and electricity exist in the light, and everyone knows the importance of these forces.It can tell us which part of the body has deteriorated, which is a miracle of light.Everyone knows the effect of X.rays.In 1964, American scientist Dr. Charles Dun first demonstrated the extraordinary and magical nature of light.A little chromium can also be found in the red oxide of aluminum.Through this red oxide, he converts ordinary light into a laser, showing a great amount of energy from it.Just as with aimless thinking and crazy imagination, no great task can be as successful as scattering aimless and very faint light particles.But when the town of Charles concentrates on them at a point, its unknown energy manifests itself.Today, these focused lasers are seen as the eighth wonder in the world.The Great Town won the Nobel Prize.Although a scientist named Theodore Simon discovered these laser rays in 1960, he did not receive the Nobel Prize because he could not determine their practical value and application.The United States has designed a technology to generate 5 billion watts of electric energy through a single laser beam.Surprisingly, the light is very thin and very tiny.To control these scattered light, in order to focus/focus them at a point, such a glass lens is utilized with a diameter as small as 1000 cm.If it becomes more subtle and subtle, its energy and power will be more amazing.One can recognize this energy from the fact that if carbon is to melt and turn into steam, it usually takes a few hours, laser rays can do this in a fraction of a million of the second I.e.In a time span that humans cannot imagine, carbon can be converted into steam.It's like a miracle, it forces us to think that when it's not just Indian yogis, it's a moment to realize that great saints in other countries can help people overcome disease, through Maran/Mohan/Ucchatan/listening to distant sounds/seeing the amazing power of distant objects, is it not possible that human consciousness is also using the principle of light?A diamond is a very hard ore.It is very difficult to cut it.Laser rays can cut diamonds in 1/50000 seconds, which means that if 50000 diamonds are kept continuously and allow laser rays to enter from one end, 50000 diamonds can be cut in 1 secondThe large stick with a diameter of 100 inch takes several hours to cut into 2 pieces, but the laser ray can be cut out in 1/7 seconds.The benefits of this focused controlled light energy can be seen in eye surgery where no surgical device is used.In this method, the light enters the eye and performs the most subtle operation.It is said that in the era of mohabarat, there are weapons that use machine power to operate, they work according to the "will power", but human beings can never see the general form of such weapons.These unseen weapons are known as Narayan Astra, pushpassat Astra, the wheel of the Sude mountains, Varen Astra, etc.So far, perhaps the principles behind the energy of the mahaharat era are considered exaggerated, but today, the laser gun has proved that this technique and the power of the Sindh or the divine are not the real of the crazy imagination.It is said that whoever bowed his head before an attack weapon called Brahmastra would not kill that person.This technique/weapon looks beyond the imagination, but the laser ray has such a special quality that a gun shot made of a laser wears a balloon of all colors except red.The laser is attracted to red, so they do not attack red objects, but maintain peace and meekness in front of them.Sanjie, a great commentator on the war of Moha Bharat, is said to have fulfilled the vision of yoga.His 3rd eyes are awake.According to the prophet of the Indian spirit, if we focus our spirit on the Ajna chakra located between the two eyebrows, you can spread it as a radio wave and send them anywhereIn this way, you can perform miraculous feats such as gaining knowledge of distant objects, predicting the weather, hearing distant sounds and other extraordinary acts.When the American Rocket arrived on the human-controlled moon in July 21, 1969, that was proved.Commander Neil Armstrong put a laser machine on the moon after landing on the moon, which is very efficient.With the help of this technology, turn its single-Ray into a medium similar to a wire, and one can convert from both ends.Further weather can be predicted, distance between stars/galaxies, etc. can be measured, and photos of distant areas can also be clicked.Today, lasers can be applied in the field of medical treatment in a technology-based form of treatment.The light energy of the laser is even more powerful than the atomic bomb.It is believed that in a short period of time, light Science will change the methods of industrial management, social life style and culture.No one should be surprised by all this.Light can also be used to reveal the secret thinking in people's minds.Explanation of the half god at Nighantu (5/6) month Sthaniya.All these divine energies are separated from a conscious being.Light is only a form of root consciousness, and many of its other forms are not shown to us until today.The day when we acquire the complete knowledge of a living creature living in any corner of the world, we will realize that the whole universe is just a global village, in this earth village, there are very few buildings and very few villagers in it.There is a kind of existence in the human body called "breathing" or vitality.The Heat, magnetism, aura and attraction of the body are its obvious qualities.In its un-Waves based on vitality, such as lasers, in the form of a subtle body, many powerful forces are focused on the realization that man can be the Lord and living god of the world.The miraculous events written on the previous pages are only a feat of this powerful energy, which is acquired through spiritual effort (Sadana) or the grace of God.In the science of yoga, there is a detailed description of the eight Sidhis or divine forces obtained through the spiritual practice based on prana, which are Anima (weight loss ), garima (making the body Heavy), Laghima (making the body small in size), Praptya (easy to get items that are hard to get), Prakamya (satisfying your desires), Ishatva (full knowledge) and Vashitva (uniform to others ).Western scientists have discovered certain superpowers (ESP) that they classify in four ways: Perspective, which means gaining knowledge of objects or events that do not have the means of ordinary means of mining information.Understanding future events without using common means.Gain knowledge of past unknown events without using common means.Telepathy means that a person passes his own ideas to others without using any technology/equipment and reads the ideas of others in this way.If the above classification is further deepened, it can be divided into 11 functions.Miraculous experiences can be classified by: obtaining information about events occurring in distant areas without any means of knowledge.Someone who knows the mental state and condition of another person.Predict future events ahead of time before they actually happen.Knowing the activities of the soul of death can directly experience their existence.Children, Youth or others tell us about those events in their previous lives that have never been told by anyone else and that we can prove them as evidence.Demonstrate your knowledge or experience in a way that is very casual by another person in a way that is different from his/her own potential and personality, and has a higher status.
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