buy led leds emerge as the new wave in energy-efficient lighting

by:Leimove     2020-01-12
We are surrounded by devices with small lights, from the alarm clock you get off work every morning to your camera.These lights answer our most basic state questions.What time is the time?Is your phone charging?Is it your turn on the highway during peak hours?From these small signals to your local signal lights, LEDs act as very few communication runners between the external system and our brain.
Around the house you will find led for display lighting, mission lighting, night lighting, embedded lighting, stairs and landscape lighting.Lighting under cabinets is now the most popular use of led inside the home.In addition to these mundane but important features, the LED can be as spectacular as the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball and The GreenPix Zero-energy Media Wall in Beijing.
The latter made its debut as one of China's new buildingsThe technical treasures of this year's Beijing Summer Olympic Games.The Led wall is charged by photovoltaic solar cells during the day and lit at night.Completely carbon.neutral.LED is short for LEDs.The LED unit generates light through current through a semiconductor chip.
The driver modulated the current (similar to the ballast in the fluorescent lamp) and kept the LED system running.Most importantly, led is an emerging technology called solid.state lighting.The Department of Energy has set up a project called Energy Star solid --The National lighting (SSL) program recently launched in September 30, 2008.
It’s a two-Phase plan to establish commercial energy star status for certain markets immediately-ready products.The second phase establishes stricter performance plans for future products.Now, anyone can go to Sears Appliance Center with confidence to buy LED products.
The corresponding L Award is an important catalyst for promoting competition and innovation in the lighting industry.In Doe's own words, the "L Prize competition challenges the development of the lighting industryStable performance-National lighting products for replacing ordinary bulbs."Like HD Radio, the federal government is building a solid-National Lighting as new public lighting.
It is estimated that the efficiency of the led will exceed most of the current technology in two to four years.The advantage of the LED is the small size, durability in extreme cold weather conditions, zero output of ultraviolet or infrared (will not attract insects), Zero Mercury, long life, dim ability, stable frequency, different color options and vibration resistance.The disadvantages of LEDs are their current cost, thermal sensitivity (extreme heat can reduce their efficiency), limited directional lighting, and grouping of LEDs reduce their overall lumen output.
Some of the new products on the market are lighting shelves, wall washers, pendant fixtures and switch board covers.What is the color temperature?What is lumen output?What is the life of the lamp?Is there a lifetime warranty?
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