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by:Leimove     2020-01-15
The black light is both interesting and useful.They can make the posters shine, test evidence of blood and other crime scenes, and even disinfect food and water.When you make your own black light with an led, you can use it almost anywhere.Install it in a photo frame, make the painting shine, put it in a flashlight for portable lighting, or connect it to a light fixture for party lighting.
Consider inserting a black bulb into an ordinary lamp holder.Incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps all accept black bulbs like ordinary bulbs.Black bulb please click on the link below.
Decide what kind of black light you want to use.The normal black light used in the club is called "Black Light Blue" and it is safe to use without protective eye wear.There are other black lights with shorter wavelengths for various industrial and medical purposes.Some of these lights are not safe for the human eye, so be extra careful unless you know what you are doing.For information on the wavelength of black light, see the link below.
Decide what kind of fixtures you want to use.The LEDs are very compact compared to incandescent and fluorescent lamps and use very little energy, so they may be the best choice for most people.
Order 3.6 v UV LEDs, as shown in the link below.Each LED will have two pins, a long pin called the anode and a short pin called the cathode.Get 12 v power supply such as lantern battery.
Weld 3 LEDs continuously, and the long pin of one of the LEDs is connected to the short pin of the next LED.There should be a long pin at one end of the chain and a short pin at the other end.Weld 82 ohm resistance to one end of the LED chain.
Connect the Yang extreme of the chain to the positive end of the power supply.Connect the Yin extreme to the switch and connect the switch to the negative end of the power supply.
To make the light brighter, make a few more strings of 3 LEDs and a resistor.Connect them in parallel between the positive end and the switch.
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