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by:Leimove     2020-02-22
Do you remember the Christmas holiday that Clark glriswald and Chevrolet Chase spent together?This scene is not only funny, but also represents what many of us have to go through every Christmas, because we decorate our home or tree with colored lights, only to find that one or more little guys will not shine.Trying to track down the culprit can be a frustrating and daunting task unless you have some basic rules in your brain to help you solve the mystery.Step 1 when you take on the task of replacing the Christmas light bulb, the first thing you have to do is not to get upset.Frustration can lead to chaotic lights, no start and no end, making you sick and willing to spend money on a set of news lights.Step 2, put your lights on the floor.Once they have been unpacked and clearly prepared to meet the surgical tasks ahead, plug them into the nearest socket in order to work what needs to be replaced by turning the lights on and off.Most suits have spare lights, so you should have them on hand.If life is simple, you may find a few fewer bulbs and your string will glow as soon as it is replaced.However, we know that life is not that simple, so you may need to take on the task of testing each bulb individually.Step 4 when replacing a bad bulb, it is better to start with the first bulb on the string and the rest will shine.If the first light you test is not a bad light, replace it with the original position and move along this line.If you have any luck, you should get a gold medal in the first few attempts, but don't be discouraged if you find yourself nearing the end before finding the culprit.Step 5, when a bunch of Christmas lights are not on, most of them are because the bulbs are not good.In some cases, however, there may be problems caused by short wiring.In this case, it might be cheaper to go out and buy a new set of lights, and of course not that frustrating.Let's assume you will replace your Christmas lights because they don't work no matter what you do.As a citizen who cares about the environment, you should also know to replace Christmas lights with lightsLEDs or LED lights are the future direction of development.These lights are more energy efficient and last longer than the cheap products that most people tend to buy.Consider these facts to prove my point.1.LED lighting will last 4,000 hours or more and will last an average of 4 years.Most run-of-The lights in the factory lasted only an average of 2,000 hours.2.LED Christmas lights consume much less energy than incandescent lights-An average decrease of 3 to 33%.The good news is not over as the rest of the string of lights is still on when the LED goes off.So you save yourself the frustration of finding the lamp that turns off the entire string.3.Since you won't throw away a bunch of LED Christmas lights very quickly, you are helping to eliminate a lot of non-Biodegradable plastics have caused serious damage in landfill sites around the world, as there is much less electricity used to run LED Christmas lights, coal and other energy sources that provide electricity are running out of our decreasing supply.4.The purchase option for led lights is powered by solar power, which means that when the sun goes down, the led lights turn on automatically, and the battery that powers the lighting is charged by the sun.How about green?5.You may think that these lights are expensive and more expensive than ordinary incandescent lamps.But when you think about energy saving and alternative savings, it seems like paying a dollar for every 7 LED lights is not bad at all.Also, LED Christmas lights have more configurations than incandescent lights, so you can decide how many lights you want and buy what you need.6.In terms of safety, you can't hit the LED light.Unlike incandescent lamps, the led does not get very hot, which May and has caused a Christmas tree fire.Since the led is packaged in plastic, the possibility of cracking is also small.Moreover, in terms of storage, the LED line is thicker than the line that holds incandescent lamps, so it is unlikely that it will be wrapped in a ball, not in a manageable string of lights.7.The LED Christmas light has a variety of festive colors and flashes if needed.Use LED lights to make your holiday and every day eco-friendly.You will play an important role in saving our planet and keeping the spirit of Christmas happy and green.Find new ideas for the upcoming season.
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