contact switch Riding Mower Engine Dies When I Engage the Blades

by:Leimove     2020-03-11

Why is my lawn mower engine dead?Are you trying to get your mower to cut the grass deck and the engine to die?How about you try to loosen the brakes and the engine dies?Maybe your seat switch is not good, that is, the so-called operator status switch.This safety switch is used by Sears, Snapper, John Deere, and all other modern mowers, a common point of failure.The seat switch is what we see in the store and is misdiagnosed by most people and many other stores.One of the reasons for the confusion is that people want to see the voltage through the wire on the seat switch, while in fact the voltage should usually be zero.On many mower you can disconnect the press line to test if the seat switch is faulty.For example, many Briggs, Stratton, and Kohler engines will have a simple wire ground that can be disconnected.If you look at the speed control bracket, the metal bracket on the engine where the throttle cable is connected, you may see a wire clip on the plastic connector.Disconnect the wire and don't let it touch anything to see if the engine will continue to run.Please note that depending on the year and model of the tractor you have, you may have to ground the wire to metal to turn off the engine.On most residential lawn tractors, when the switch thinks that there is no one on the seat, and the parking brake is loosened and/or PTO is connected, the switch works through a ground coil.Therefore, if the engine continues to operate without holding the wires, you can enter the seat switch.In the store, we usually just replace the switch with a known switch.If you don't have that luxury, you can test your switch using ohrazer or continuity lights.There are many types of seat switches, some are open contact switches, some are installed in plastic boxes, some are large and round, and some are small and rectangular.All of this will work in one of two ways, either on normally or off normally.The basic test is that in one position, there should be continuity through the switch, and in another position, there should be no continuity through the switch.The test is simple, unlock or unplug the switch, and then use a lead on the continuity light or ohrazer on each wire to test the switch on and off.If your switch has four wires, they usually have the corresponding color or obtain that.Be sure to remove the switch from the wiring, send the voltage by pressing the circuit, it is easy to destroy the ignition coil.If you find that your switch is always continuous or has no continuity, the replacement may be the solution.These are usually copper or other conductive materials on open contact switches and can usually be adjusted to the appropriate position.Troubleshoot and worse, safety switches can be annoying, they often fail intermittently and disguise themselves as other more expensive problems.But they do have a purpose, so they should never be disconnected or bypassed.In fact, we often run into a rider in the store who is trying to skip or bypass the switch and think they have eliminated that.In fact, what they do is not to bypass the switch, but to create a constant ground to prevent coil ignition and engine start-up.So, don't try to get around the safety switch on your mower and continue to solve the problem in the right way, saving trouble.
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