double light switch Cool and Funny Light Switch Covers

by:Leimove     2020-03-11

Recently, when I was browsing the internet, it inspired me to write articles about them, especially the David sculpture of Michelangelo Kiero, where the light switch is...You know where it is.Hehe.Anyway, it made me do some research to see if I could find some cool ones that I might be interested in.Even though I have managed the hardware and the big-Box home and garden store, I never took the time to look into that particular product department.I missed something cool.The idea that the optical switch cover is just to hide something ugly or to protect you from sticking your fingers where you shouldn't stick is long gone.Of course, it can still do it all, but now they are not only personalized statements that you can say to yourself, but also portraits of magnificent artworks and even your favorite products.Really!...The last one.Of course, I'm not going to give them free ads here, so we'll keep going.When I started searching for a wide variety of decorative switch boards outside, I began to feel like the restaurant was starting to have their waiter provide about five suggestions for each meal on the menu.But after taking a look, it's really interesting to see what consumers can enjoy now.For your child, this could be a bananza between any cartoon characters they like or the superstars they are focusing on.If they know, they are on the light switch now and are very creative.There is everything a little boy or girl wants in their bedroom or playroom.Hey, there are some things that were my childhood and I don't mind being in the bedroom or in the office.Pretty cool.I 've listed some of the sides you can see there, like the very popular Disney Fairies, Tinker Bell, and Hannah Montana.You even have an animated movie "car."This is just a tiny sample of thousands of electric switch covers provided for children.For older teenagers and adults, the supply of electric switch boards is unlimited.From replicas of works by famous artists to fans favorite planes or motorcycles.What's really interesting is that when there are four light switches, the image on the switch board changes.While some actually interfere with the look, some can tell you what steps have been taken in the design to adapt to the background, which is very effective if done correctly.Another interesting change to the switch board cover is the shape of the cover itself.While rectangles still dominate, the number of shapes in the design is increasing on the surface of the light switch cover.For example, a lot of the time you will see a shell pattern, and then the lamp switch cover will be shaped into a shell, and the main thing we think about is the decorative switch board instead of the usual vertical rectangular shape.These creative changes have many ways to be used in the right room of the house similar to the theme represented by the switch board.One very interesting thing you can do with the electric light switch cover isxa0One of your favorite photos and leave an imprint on the switch board.How cool is this?Now there are companies that spend very little money doing it for you, and you can do a lot of things as you like.This is an area with huge potential and you can see how many different things you can do with it.You can do it in a variety of family occasions and family members and put them up when they come to visit.Or you can make a favorite pet that is no longer with you, put them in a strategic position to remind you how much you like their company.The list is endless.While I really didn't take any time to look at whether there is a collection market for the light switch housing, I bet there is an emerging underground market that doesn't get much attention.If someone has a collection heat, there are so many cool things to pass on.Just looking around, I'm ready to think about doing it myself.One advantage of collecting the light switch covers is that most of them are small.Except for those 3-Type D, you can put dozens in a relatively small box.Of course you know the problem.You fill that box very quickly, and then you go and find a bigger box to fill everything you can't.So you have it, my thoughts on a part of our home©Many people take it for granted just like I used.But when I see something like this that catches my eye, I naturally get the best out of my curiosity and prying around to see what else is out there.It's funny, I don't think it's the last time I 've looked around to see what new decorative switch boards can be found.
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