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by:Leimove     2020-01-20
Connect the combined socket switch to have the switch and socket in the same position.Many bathrooms have an overhead light switch, but there is no outlet for an electric shaver or hairdryer.The combined socket switch makes up the gap.The wire can be configured for the switch to control the top light so that the socket power supply is available independently.Use the combination as a replacement for the switch that also requires the position of the socket.
Turn off the power supply of the circuit at the circuit breaker box.Use warning label tape or lock the box to prevent anyone from accidentally turning on the power before the work is done.
Loosen the screw with a slotted screwdriver and remove the cover plate.Remove the mounting screws that hold the switch to the top and bottom of the box with a cross screwdriver.Pull the switch out of the box through the edge and check the wire with a voltage tester to make sure the power is off.
Remove the wire attached to the switch terminal.Connect the black or dark hot wire from the pipe or Romex to one side.Another hot wire will be connected to another terminal on that side to power the lights.The green ground wire will be connected to the green ground terminal at one end.A white neutral wire goes straight through to the light box from the input light source.
Ready to connect to the combined wire.Use the wire cutting machine to make a new cut at the end of the hot wire and ground wire.Peel off the ends of all three lines with a cutting line blade, revealing 1/2 strands.Cut 10 inch off the neutral wire from the material trough.Peel off both ends of the fresh cut.Also a month with three extra wires at both ends-2 inches long 5-inch lengths.At the end of all individual Peel exposures, twist the strands between the thumb and the finger together.
Connect hot wires.Will enter the end of the hot wire around two 5-Extra length inches.Cover the connection end by screwing on the wire nut.Connect the other end of the extra length to the two bronze terminals that combine the same side.Rotate the bare wires clockwise around the terminals.Tighten the terminal screws to cover the exposed wires below the head.Connect the outgoing hot wire to the silver terminal on the other side of the combo.
Connect neutral wires.Cut the end of the neutral line with an extra 10-inch length.Cover the connection with a wire nut.Wrap the other end of 10-The length of the inch around the silver terminal with the outgoing hot wire on the side.Fix it under the terminal
Connect the ground wire.To accommodate the previous switch, the ground wire will be separated and covered.Wrap the end of the fresh peel around the ground end of the combined end and fix it under the screw.
Install the combo inside the box with outlets on top or bottom.Replace the upper and lower mounting screws.Install the panel on the combination and tighten the fixing screws in the center.
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