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by:Leimove     2020-01-19
A wire of 14/3 means it's 14-The size is right, with three wires and a ground wire.Three main wires, red (hot), Black (hot) and White (ordinary.This wire is two 120-A volt circuit that shares a common return line.It can also provide a 240 V voltage by using only two hotlines.Adding a switch to this type of circuit depends on whether the wire is for 120 V or 240 V.
Verify that no power supply is active before touching any wires.Remove the black wire and remove the 1/2 insulation from the end of the wire.Screw the two screws of the switch with a screwdriver.
Wrap the bare metal end of the black wire around one of the two terminals of the switch and tighten the screws.
Peel off the 1/2 insulation from the black wire of the second 14/3 wire.Connect this black line to the second screw terminal of the light switch and tighten the screw.The red line can be parked in the junction box or directly spliced to the red line in the second 14/3 wire.This puts the switch on the black line, but it is also possible to put the switch on the red line.The process is the same except for using red lines instead of black lines.
Verify that no power supply is active before touching any wires.Take a double-pole single-Throw the switch and study the wiring diagram attached to the switch.Peel off 1/2 of the insulation from the ends of the red and black wires.
Connect the red and black lines to the two terminals on the top side of the switch.Tighten the two screws to secure the connection.
Take the second 14/3 wire and peel off the 1/2 insulation from the end of the black and red wires.Connect these two wires to the double-pole single-throw switch.The red wire should be on one side of the switch and the black wire should be on the other side.This switch is important for this type of circuit.A double-pole single-The throw switch will close both wires at the same time.
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