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by:Leimove     2020-01-20
A double-The pole switch allows you to control two separate circuits using the same switch, while the three-The Way switch allows you to control a single circuit from two different locations.A double-pole three-Switch is able to integrate these two functions into one.With this switch, you will be able to control two separate circuits from two different positions, for example, being able to open the lights and fans next to the door at the same time, which you can use to enter the room, then use the same type of switch next to the door you leave the room to turn them off at the same time.These types of switches can be used to control 240-volt circuits.
Prepare two cables with three wires inside each cable: charged wire, ground wire and neutral wire.From each cable, connect three wires to the respective terminals on the circuit breaker panel.The terminals on the panel are usually marked and easily recognized.Prepare the other two cables, each with two wires inside, replacing the exposed part of the neutral wire insulation with the same insulation material as the live wire color.Charged wires are usually characterized by red or brown insulation.
Twist the two live wires on the two cables from the circuit breaker panel to the two inputs on the first switch and pay attention to the labels on the terminals.There are two terminals on one side of the switch and four corresponding terminals on the other side;For each input terminal, there are two output terminals on the switch.Connect two cables with only two wires inside to the other four terminals on the other side of the switch, and two wires for each cable to the adjacent terminals.Each of the two cables should represent a different circuit.
Connect the same two cables and two wires to the four terminals on the second switch, making sure that each wire is finally connected to the terminals marked exactly the same as the first switch.
Connect the live wires of the other two cables (three wires inside each cable) to the two terminals on the other side of the second switch, and pay careful attention to the labels.Use the wire connector to connect the two neutral wires of these two cables to the neutral wires of the first two cables of the circuit breaker panel.Therefore, the neutral wire will go directly through the appliance or lamp controlled by the switch.Make sure that the neutral wires are connected together with respect to their different circuits.Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal of the switch.
Connect two bulbs or devices to the end of the second pair of three bulbs or devicesEach cable is connected to a different circuit and tests whether the connection is working properly.
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