downlight How to Paint Ceiling Downlights

by:Leimove     2020-03-23
downlight How to Paint Ceiling Downlights
The downlight on the ceiling is an embedded light box mounted in the attic.The box extends down to your ceiling and lets the inside edge of the downlight show up.The light box is usually made of metal, usually aluminum, to withstand the heat of the bulb without causing a fire on the ceiling.While metal is a durable and safe material, additional work is required when painting.Turn off the power of the light under the breaker box.Climb the ladder and remove the bulb from the downlight.Cover the electric socket and other visible hardware with painter's tape and newspaper.Tape around the outer edge of the downlight can also prevent paint from entering the ceiling.Lay a drop of cloth on the floor to capture any falling paint.Wash the metal on the downlight with greaseWash detergent and water.Wipe them with a wet sponge, remove the detergent, and then let the downlight dry.Wear safety goggles and dust shields to protect your face from any paint drop.Use a small brush to coat the inside of the downlight and any visible surface with a metal etching primer.Let the primer dry, then polish it a little with the mediumgrit sandpaper.Add the second layer primer and let it dry.Paint the downlight with heat-Resistant paint that matches the ceiling or color paint to make the downlight stand out from the ceiling.Heat-The patience paint can withstand the heat emitted by the bulb, helping to prevent peeling and blistering.Wet a waterproof King Kong sandpaper and polish the paint layer a little.Let it dry for at least 8 hours and then add the second layer of paint.When the paint is dry, remove the tape from the painter.Replace the bulb and turn the power back on.
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