e27 led how does an e27 led bulb compare to its 50 watt equivalent?

by:Leimove     2020-02-18
If you are looking for a low energy alternative for your existing E27 bulb, then there is a good chance that you will move into what I like to call a "comparison mode.Simply put, you will start comparing your existing bulbs with their low energy equivalents to determine how good they are.Everyone does this, but the problem is that not everyone does a good job.We have prepared this article to illustrate the point of comparison between the E27 LED bulb and its equivalent of 50 watts to help you.The first thing you want to compare is wattage.This is always the first thing everyone is looking for, because it will immediately tell you how much power the bulb uses and therefore what is the costThis will be running effectively.However, you should not believe that wattage is a sign of brightness, especially in low-energy led bulbs because it is not.It is the measurement of power consumption.The E27 LED bulbs we are concerned about use only 5 watts.It is equivalent to 50 watts for incandescent lamps.Math is simple, which is equivalent to saving 90 energy.So the E27 LED bulb uses less Watts, does that mean it's brighter or not.You will be glad to know.To measure and compare the brightness of these bulbs, we need to look at something called lumen output.Lumens are measurements of the amount of visible light produced by a single light source.Measured with lumens.You will be surprised to find that the lumen output of these two bulbs is roughly similar.The lumen output of the E27 LED bulb is between 390 and 430 lm, which is roughly the same as the equivalent of 50 watts.This means that they have the same brightness, but the power of the E27 LED is significantly reduced.The next consideration is far less scientific.cost.It is very natural that most customers will immediately be attracted to the sticker label or the front cost of the bulb.The cost of the E27 LED does exceed its equivalent incandescent lamp, however, the real cost of these bulbs can only be calculated over time.The 50-watt bulb, thanks to its higher energy use and shorter life span, will eventually cost many times its original value.The E27 LED Bulbuses have much less energy and a life span of 30,000 hours, which means you can save on electricity and replacement costs.Hopefully this article gives you some decent starting point on how to start the comparison and find the best LED bulbs that fit your purpose.
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