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by:Leimove     2020-03-08

It seems to be ecological.Tourism has nothing in common with New York.However, there is a way to become an ecologyTravel in Big Apple.First, what exactly does ecotourism mean?Prevent negative effects that may damage the features of the natural or cultural environment..It includes building environmental and cultural awareness and respect.Local communities should benefit from economic benefits.That is to say, in the localInternational giants should use their own facilities and services.Economic benefits should be provided for protection.The political, environmental and social environment of the host country should be respected at all times.It is clear that eco-tourism can only be implemented if tourists are ready to follow these principles and the destination provides a way to adhere to them.Eco-In fact, New York City is greener.Be friendly than people think.It has a rich public transport system, which is used by more than 50% of New Yorkers.In Manhattan, more than 75% people don't even have cars.One out of every three public transport users in the United States lives in New York and its suburbs.Public transport plays a vital role in the lives of New York City citizens.Mobility defines how we do things, but also how it affects our health and our environment.Eco-and eco-Friendly construction will be at the heart of current and future mega-city development projects, as it is necessary to adapt not only to greater traffic density, but also to the growing population.For example, MIT introduced an ideaThis is a stackable, electric and ecologicalA friendly city car in a metropolis like New York City.When you throw away your bottles and cans in New York, remember that the city will recycle them.They should be discarded using recyclable containers.Whether it's a big city or a small village, we don't want garbage to deface our city.Other materials are also recycled.The New York City Health Department provides free weekly pick-up services for all the different recyclable materials accumulated in the family.Eco-One of five hotels in the United States awarded the eco-environment award®Five-Global certification.The hotel is committed to reducing waste and improving energy efficiency through energyEnergy-efficient light switchEfficient thermostats, water conservation plans, recycling bins in the room, linen and towel plans, and farm produce on the local farm.Benjamin also donated solid and liquid soap facilities to "Clean the World", an organization that provides recycled soap products and educational materials for poor families around the world.Use 100% of wind energy, 85% of the hotel's CFL bulbs and timers and dimmers in all public areas to reduce energy use during shutdownpeak times.Food is provided by local, organic and natural food suppliers, and the hotel grows its own herbs on the roof and installs beehives to pollinate the neighboring flora and roof gardens.Waste management plans include recycling and composting, biological useBiodegradable cleaning products and food waste are available-Website, etc.Avoid unnecessary printing, check-Paperless and green sealed paper products are used in the guest rooms.Low-Mobile showerheads are available in all rooms.The hotel also supports various social activities in the local, national and international communities.If you don't think you can find green spots in New York, you're wrong.In addition to the Central Park, where you can marvel at interesting trails, rocks, streams and lakes, it is the best option to breathe fresh air between city shopping and sightseeing tours.If you are looking for entertainment on the water, you can have fun at Hudson River Park, where you can sail, kayak, swim, and even take part in the shipbuilding workshop.The park is amazing.Learn more.The last virgin forest in Manhattan.The forest is characterized by caves, valleys and ridges formed by constantly moving glaciers.Hiking and Hudson River bike trails are ideal for finding eco-parksFriendly outdoor activities.Eco-If you are a baseball fan, you will be happy to hear that playing for the Mets will make you an environmental player.Friendly tourists.Mets's Citi site building is built with 95% recycled steel, with ultra-efficient on-site lighting that reduces energy consumption by up to 50%.Irrigation and plumbing systems save a total of about 4 million gallons of water per year.The Metropolitan Hotel also compost in the kitchen, suites, clubs and restaurants, and even compost the grass in the ground.Waste oil is made of biodiesel fuel for biodiesel-On-site equipment is ready.In addition, cups, plates and napkins will be recycled at the Metropolitan Mall.Eco-The World Trade Center is a model of ecological civilization.Friendly building.It recycles rain water for toilet and irrigation and also comes with a computerControl heating and lighting.According to the United States Green Building Committee 3.000 new eco-Friendly apartments have been built in New York since 2001.Eco allowed by construction companyFriendly developers will benefit from the green building tax credit launched in 2000..Eco-.The products used include natural ingredients such as tropical nut oil, figs, coffee, lemon and olive oil, as well as plants and oceansThe basics of brands like DrAlkaitis, Jurlique and Naturopathica.Eco-It is the first LEED-certified Museum in New York City.The museum is already using carbon dioxide sensors to control the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the room.When there are fewer visitors in the room, the ventilation system slows down, thus reducing energy costs.The occupancy sensor controls the light in the room according to the person in the room.If there is no one in the room, the light is off.In addition, the museum is efficient and cool to useburning low-Energy bulbs.The daylight sensor adjusts the artificial lighting required within the museum according to the amount of natural light available.The materials in the museum are renewable and recyclable, such as bamboo, cork, rubber and felt floors and carpets.Photovoltaic systems are integrated in architectural design, converting solar energy into electricity, and can also be used as a visual demonstration of renewable energy systems.The museum also uses geothermal heating and refrigeration systems.Last but not least day-to-day activities are gradually shifting to green operations, including the use of green tableware, recycled paper products and biodegradable cups and plates.Recent plans include a new transparent roof canopy made of heatingResistance ETFE skin covered with point matrix molten glass material.Eco-Have you been to Eco Park?friendly club?Me neither!But in fact, one exists in New York City.Was the first club to be LEED certified.It was built with recycled or recyclable materials or even d.©Cole is ecological.friendly.The walls are covered with bamboo, and LED lights provide a huge atomic circle for the club, generating 100% of the wind.If you think you won't have a good time in this ecological environmentFriendly nightclub, you will be impressed to hear that many celebrities come here often.People who come here to drink can enjoy their delicious cocktails, which are made up of fresh-squeezed juice.Eco-It is one of the greenest restaurants in New York City.The restaurant uses local, sustainable, organic and fair-Seasonal agricultural trade without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified biochemistry.The meat is grown from animals on the ranch.They were treated humanely without antibiotics and hormones.In addition, it uses recycled construction materials, bread baskets made by Batagonia indigenous Mapuche people, uses organic cleaning products, grows herbs and green plants on the roof, among other environmental measures.Eco-If you want to buy hair care, skin care, body care and pet care products mainly made up of organic ingredients, do not use genetically modified organisms, do not test on animals, do not use artificial colors, spices or fillers that are harvested in the ecological environmentFriendly ways and creaturesJohn holds organic matter.Flagship store is located at 77 Sullivan Street between Spring & Borne, open seven days a week from eleven o'clock A.M. P.M.6pm.Eco-Eco-An online store that can purchase recyclable, reusable products and products made of bamboo or organic cotton.If you still have questions about the ecological environmentFriendly New York City, maybe you will think it is worth visiting other eco-buildingsMadeira.
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