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by:Leimove     2020-02-17
Glowing bulbs are generally much more effective than ordinary glowing bulbs because they provide more powerful light and have a stronger resistance.Since the invention of the bulb by Thomas edisson, various ways of using the bulb have been found.Nowadays, there are light bulbs everywhere in our homes, offices, shops, cars and streets.In addition, we can buy light bulbs of different colors at present.In the past, the only color available was white or soft yellow.Now we have all kinds of colors: blue, red, green, purple, etc.So we can color our home or office to our liking.In addition, at present, all old bulbs are replaced by new bulbs called LED bulbs.In addition to consuming more space and being more durable, they also have elegant designs that fit each room.The LED bulb has some great properties that we will re-evaluate below.Unlike ordinary bulbs, LED bulbs are usually made of wear-resistant materials.For example, the metal surface of the LYM 3 w bedroom living decoration modern aluminum LED bulb has a counterIt is corrosive, scratch-resistant and rust-proof.Bulbworks works effectively even in the sun, providing clear and bright light.Very long life and very low power consumption.The bulb operates at a voltage of 220 V and is rated at 3 w.It also has different perspectives: 120u, 60u, 45 u, 30 u and 15 u.It has only one LED as a light source.LED has different color temperature: 6000 K, 4000 K, 3500 K and K.The bulb is made of aluminum and provides warm white light color.This led bulb is very easy to install and perfect for dining room, study room, bedroom or living room.TheLED light bulbscan is also innovative and modern design.Take the example of LYM 6 w high-power and energy-saving LED bulbs.This bulb is interesting and unique in shape.And efficient.It uses heat dissipation technology, which is very reliable, stable and safe.The bulb is made of PC and aluminum with a power of 6 w.To provide a white and warm color, it uses 6 lamps.It has a voltage of 265 V, and the lighting angle ranges from 120u to 80 u.The color temperature also varies between 3000 K and 6000 K.Last but not least, this particular bulb is energy efficient, so it consumes less power than other bulbs.So if you are going to replace all the old bulbs, you can consider some of the LED bulbs above.
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