energy efficient light bulbs how to change an edison halogen 50 bulb | ehow

by:Leimove     2020-01-16
Halogen lamps are filled with halogen gas to prevent the light bulb from darkening and prevent uneven and premature evaporation of thin wires.Usually used in lamps such as headlights, halogen lamps, etc., can last for a longer time, and more energy-savingMore efficient than traditional bulbs.Edison halogen 50-Watt bulb use 2-Pin seat, can be replaced with some tools in just a few minutes.
Turn off the power switch of the bulb and let the bulb cool.The halogen lights get hot so you will want to avoid being burned.Before trying to remove the bulb, you can take additional precautions by putting on safety goggles and gloves to avoid any damage.
Get the bulb by removing any housing parts that may cover or hold the bulb.Grab the bulb with a towel and pull it out directly.This bulb uses 2-Pin seat and twist may damage the pin seat and socket.Avoid twisting the bulb at all costs.
Align the pins on the replacement bulb with the holes on the socket and push in until you click here.Replace any housing parts you may remove and turn on the bulb to ensure proper installation.
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