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by:Leimove     2020-01-15
The color of light is the most obvious way to identify fluorescent lighting.But, in addition to the warm or cool light from the bulb, there is more fluorescent lighting.Fluorescent bulbs, for example, can be fastStart or warm up.The change is identified by standardized code marked on the bulb.Different types of fluorescent bulbs include high output bulbs and bulbs of various shapes.The manufacturer's classification of compact fluorescent bulbs is different from that of tube fluorescent bulbs.
Hold the lamp with a glass tube and find its identification number near the end of the lamp, where the electrical connection is.An example of a standardized identification number is "F30T12/CW/RS.
Divide the code.The first letter "F" indicates that the lamp is fluorescent.Another possible code for this location is "FC", which means that the bulb is a fluorescent circular bulb."FB" or "FU" means that the bulb is "bent" or "U"The shape depends on the bulb manufacturer.
Identify the number behind the bulb shape indicator, for example in the example.The "30" in the example indicates that the rated power of the lamp is 30 watts.The specific wattage of the bulb is listed here.
The following characters, I .e. letters, are identified in the code.In general, it will be a letter "T" telling you that the lamp is tubular.Other names are not used here because tube shape is the industry standard for fluorescent lighting.
Decipher the last number in the series.In this example, the number "12" represents the diameter of the tube in inches 8.In this example, this means that the diameter of the tube is 12/8, or 1-1/2 inches.
The last two indicators of deciphering the light code."CW" means "cool white", indicating the temperature range of the color emitted by the light."WW" means "warm white" and "RS" means "start quickly ".\ "Other names include \" CWX ", meaning \" cool white Deluxe ", which means instant start-up lights \" VHO \ "or \" HO, represents "very high output" and "high output" respectively ".\ "This name is related to the electrical flow applied to the bulb.The function of the VHO bulb is more than 1500 mA, and the function of the HO bulb is more than 800 mA.
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