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by:Leimove     2020-01-16
Halogen lamps are more energy efficient-An effective alternative to ordinary incandescent lamps.They are full of halogen gas and produce brighter light at higher temperatures, but because they burn too hot, they must be closed to heat-Wear-resistant materials such as quartz.The halogen lamp reacts with tungsten in the filament of the bulb and is partially recovered back to the filament, so the life of the halogen lamp is longer than that of the incandescent lamp.The wiring of halogen lamps is the same as that of ordinary incandescent lamps.
Make sure the power is off.
Remove about 6 inch of the sheath from The Wire that extends out of the electric box on the wall or ceiling.Cut around the sheath with a tool knife, be careful not to cut into the wires inside.Pull the sheath off with pliers and separate the wires.
Use the splicing tool to remove about 1/2 from the end of the black and white wire.
Fix the box together with the white wire on the fixture and twist it clockwise with pliers.When they are fixed, screw on the wire nut.Repeat with a black wire.
Twist the bare or grounded wires together.If it is metal, hang these around the ground nut in the electrical box and tighten the nut with a screwdriver.
Install the fixture onto the box using the adapter and screws attached to the fixture.
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