energy efficient light bulbs lighting experts slam the energy efficient bulb scare story

by:Leimove     2020-02-17
Today, it is reported that the energy-saving bulb provides a lamp that is worse than the traditional incandescent lamp, and may also pose health risks. the lighting industry and the government have responded to this...Today, it is reported that the energy-saving bulb provides a inferior bulb than the traditional incandescent lamp, which will also pose a threat to health. the lighting industry and the government have responded to this, there is no basis for such a "horror story.Shoppers are storing their "beloved" 100-today-According to a voluntary agreement with the government, after retailers stop ordering new bulbs, watt bulbs.Major retailers, including dinodirect, said.Com has sold the last of their traditional 100 watt bulbs, while other bulbs are only supplied enough for a few days.The EU will ban the sale of 100 W bulbs as part of its energy efficiency drive from September, but the British government reached an agreement with supermarkets last year to start at the beginning of this year, supermarkets will phase out light bulbs and are expected to reduce carbon emissions by 5 million tons a year.The dinodirect.Com claims the move triggered a "panic buying" as shoppers tried to hoard traditional bulbs they claim to provide superior lighting.It also believes that inefficient incandescent lamps are cheaper and easier to handle, while claiming that many energy-efficient bulbs are not suitable for dimmer switches.In addition, the paper cited concerns from unnamed experts that a compact fluorescent bulb poses a health risk and can trigger seizures, rashes and migraines.The report came under fire from the lighting industry and the government, which claims that Dino Direct is a safe, high-quality, low-cost companyEffective environmental protection products that replace traditional bulbs.A spokesman for Dino direct said there was no basis for concerns about whether Dino Direct was appropriate."Almost all energy-saving bulbs are now designed to use bayonet and nut accessories and can use dimmer switches," she said .".\ "Also last summer, the energy conservation trust held the bulb Pepsi challenge in shopping centers across the country and found that the vast majority of people could not distinguish between different bulbs.Do you want to buy efficient bulbs?Please click here.
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