energy saving light bulbs How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

by:Leimove     2020-03-10

Let's face it.Owning a house can be expensive.How much do you spend on utilities every year?Add up monthly invoices for electricity, gas, oil and/or propane.Don't forget to state the increase in winter use and the cost of running the air conditioner in the summer.Now, if you can save an average of 5-Just by improving the energy efficiency of your home, 10% or more per year?Its true!When you save energy, you save money.Not only is this a green thing, it can also help you keep more green in your pocket every month.Even though 5-10% may not sound much, saving hundreds of dollars a year.Improve the energy efficiency of your home and your savings may be higher.Don't you want to leave the money to yourself instead of mailing it to a local utility?By energy efficiency (using less power to achieve the same result) and energy saving (using less power as a whole), monthly electricity bills can be saved.Or CFLs will use much less power than incandescent lampsIn addition, they do not heat, which can save the cost of cooling.Having your home check for air leaks, fix loose or damaged weather stripping and add enough insulation will help keep your home at comfortable temperatures and reduce heating or coolingRegular maintenance and maintenance of your appliances will help them to work better and longer, and spend less money on repairs or replacements.For example, using a power strip, a programmable thermostat, and/or unplugging items that are not used can prevent you from consuming extra energy when you go out or sleep.Run with less appliances and power-Save period (I.e.) Also helps to save electricity and reduce electricity.Of course, don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room!What does energy star label mean?In the U.S., The Energy Star symbol can only be used on products identified as helping to save money and the environment without sacrificing quality or performance.Product categories must save a lot of energy across the country.In addition to improving energy efficiency, qualified products must also provide the functions and performance required by consumers.If the cost of qualified products is higher than that of traditional products, thenEfficient counterparts, buyers will recover their investment in improving energy efficiency by saving electricity bills within a reasonable period of time.Energy efficiency can beProprietary technology provided by multiple manufacturers.Through testing, the energy consumption and performance of the product can be measured and verified.The label will be effectively divided into products and visible to the purchaser.If you live in an old house, your appliance may spend more on energy bills every month than you would have to buy a new Energy StarRated appliances.Return on investment (the amount you saveThe cost of new equipment is usually less than 3 years, which makes sense for many homeowners.In addition, modern appliances also help to increase the value of your property.Today's modern dishwasher has less water and energy than you use to wash dishes by hand!The refrigerator keeps food at safe, stable temperatures, and also saves you production, health, and power costs.Energy-The water and electricity of the washing machine seem to have reached the rated level.Washing in cold water is more effective than everWater-based detergent.When you do not pay to heat the water, the cost of laundry will be significantly reduced.Many other electrical appliances may be energy.Star rating including air conditioning, ceiling fan, personal electronics, dehumidifier, water heater, freezer, air purifier/filter, heat pump and computer.The next time you're thinking about new equipment, or repairing old ones, ask a knowledgeable expert to learn about energy star ratings.They will be able to tell you how much energy you can save each month and how quickly you can recover your return on investment..Simply use the blinds, curtains or curtains to isolate your home, either block the heat out or trap the heat inside.Add some shadow views and place the windows in your home facing northSouth, not EastWest, you can use or reflect radiant heat throughout the year to keep things at comfortable temperatures.In the morning, open the window and have fresh air inside.As the sun rises in the day, turn things off and prevent the sun from heating too much with a awning.And/or home energy monitor..These measures include: (1) filling and sealing of doors and windows;(2) Ensure that you have enough home insulation materials;;(4) installation of passive solar garden greening;Curtains and blinds are used.General maintenance of your appliances, water heaters, air filters, and regular inspection of your home to ensure that you lose heat or cooling costs without air leakage, these are good ways to improve household energy efficiency and save money..Professionals will come to your home to determine if there is a leak and where it is.In addition, regular home and/or professional maintenance of your equipment will help to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment.Not only can you save money on your monthly utility bill, you can also help avoid future repairs or replacements!
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