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by:Leimove     2020-02-03
Their new series of led TV SL9000 has been attracting consumers.The combination of full HD features and barrier-free features and long life has always played a role in conversion.But how great are these new LED TVs?LG produced an amazing TV at a very competitive price.Their new range includes the LG 47SL9000, one of the smaller screens, although the specs are quite the same overall.LG's SL9000 series hd TV has a range of LEDs located on the edge of the display, rather than the traditional LCD format observed on many models at the moment.LEDs have become a new slogan in an effort to create higher levels of detail and watch high quality industries.It is undeniable that the 47 sl9000 and its larger 47 "brothers have produced excellent viewing effects (the contrast of only 3,000,000: 1 produces truly amazing choices and depth, inject new vitality into HD viewing ).The only downside to the 47SL9000 screen is-The 1080 p HD display is coated with a smooth layer that has the habit of reflecting a lot of light from the surface, so you need to plan to put this TV in the room it won
ot in direct sunlight.LG has created the word "borderless" to describe the SL9000 series, but, although it is small compared to many of their previous versions, it is not the thinnest TV that buyers can buy.Edge 5 cm, bottom more than 4 cm ).When opening for the first time, LG 47SL9000 loads the default factory settings as the default, and if we are very honest, the default settings are not designed for best viewing.One of the biggest suggestions we can make is to read your instructions and configure the TV as per your own requirements instead of using LG's default values.One of the biggest modes of LG 47SL9000 may be Cinema mode, which is designed to provide full-scaleRound quality viewing experience from the box.We found that this setting requires some small adjustments to get an excellent picture (some small adjustments to your backlight settings will work ).Unfortunately, LG has decided to make the 47SL9000 TV with motion control of 100 MhzThe motion control function of SL8000 series is far better than 200Hz-But the group is still able to handle the fast moving movements very well.In LCD manufacturing, the quality of construction and design is the best, and the 47SL9000 feature is almost all the connectors needed to turn it into a decent multimedia hub.Connect the TV to a compatible console or Blu-rayThe light equipment is simple, and the TV is helpful for old products such as VCR and SD equipment.Sadly, there is no SD card reader just because LG decided that this TV only needs a USB port.The USB socket allows you to connect to a wide range of multimedia products (avc hd, SD, and HD DivX), which is no big deal.If that's not enough, the SL9000 model also benefits from LG's help with DNLA compatible devices that allow you to connect to streaming content via an Ethernet port.The remote commander of SL9000 \ is easy to use and benefits from the backlight panel, which makes it easy to see what you are doing when used in a dark room.The audio function of LG 47SL9000 may be improved.Not LG scribble on the function;far from it.The culprit is the super model-Just like the body, just because it's only 2 years old.9 cm thick with no proper Speaker space!The resulting audio is below standard in sound depth, but this is unlikely to be an issue for TV enthusiasts planning to connect the 47SL9000 to the surround sound system.47SL9000 led TV has received great recognition in the power consumption department.47SL9000 only uses 0.3 W when put on standby, although more than other LED TVs, this is a significant improvement compared to most LCD TVs currently on the market.
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