full led tv Edge-Lit LED Vs. Backlit LED

by:Leimove     2020-02-01

Comparing edge-The Lighting led TV experience with a backlit led TV will help you understand the difference between the two, which is a better choice for you.The led TV we often say is actually led TV.Backlight LCD TV is one of the two LCD TVs today.When the first one is coldCathode fluorescent lamp (CCFLs) for illuminating the screen, LED-LCD TV backlight LCD TVSame LEDs (led ).The popularity of the word "led TV" can be attributed to the marketing of LED TVBacklight LCD TVs as LED TVs are the practices followed by some major companies in the consumer electronics sector.Within LED-There are two types of backlit LCD TVs: FullAlthough informal, it is also called array led and Edge of backlight led-Led, also known as edge-lit LEDs.Differences between edgesAs mentioned earlier, led TV is an LCD TV that uses lightsLEDs (led) illuminate the display.There are two ways to do this.A LEDs (LEDs) can be used to illuminate the screen.Based on the method used, LED-Backlight LCD TV is divided into two categories.In the first method, lightThe way LEDs (LEDs) are placed makes the entire back of the display covered, which is completeLed TV (also known as backlight led TV ).The second method, lightLEDs (LEDs) are placed near the perimeter or edge of the display, which is the edge-lit LED TV.If it's fullThe array backlight led TV uses a diffuser to ensure that the backlight is evenly distributed behind the entire LCD panel.It is this uniform backlight that helps these TVs produce the excellent contrast they boast.In the case of edgesAfter the led TV is lit, a reflector is installed directly below the display screen.This light board reflects the light emitted by the LED at an angle of 90 °, which makes it pass through the LCD panel.Whatever method is used, LED-Compared with LCD TV and plasma TV, backlight LCD TV has lower power consumption.Which is better?No one questioned LED-Backlight LCD TVs have an advantage over their peers in terms of power consumption.What needs to be studied is these two types of LED-Backlight LCD TV price when reclining head-to-Collide with each other.To be frank, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.In terms of appearance, edge-Light led TV is thinner than backlight TVThe LEDs used in them are placed on the edge, not on the back.Although the backlit led TV is a bit bulky compared to the edgeLEDs, they are not as bulky as LCD displays with CCFLs.Although negligible, the uniformity problem is that the Edge looks brighter than the center part of the screen, which is indeed a disadvantage of the edgelit LEDs.The backlit led TV does have a technology called "local dimming" that helps clear dark black images.If you see on both TVs that part of the screen is a black scene, you will realize that the black part is more prominent in the backlit led TV.The difference in this picture is attributed to the "local dimming" technology in which light-For specific areas where black must be depicted, the LEDs (led) are completely turned off.This technique works best when LEDs are not grouped, but each LED has a different power supply.If they are grouped, it may cause the parts that must be bright around to dim.However, the full array with local dimming technology may be a bit expensive, which explains why the best LED TVs are also one of the most expensive.Fact added to it, edge-Lighting LED TVs are cheaper compared to backlit LED, and in comparison they certainly have the upper hand.As far as the contrast difference is concerned, the contrast decreases significantly with the introduction of the edgeLighting led with local dimming function.If you are not facing a financial crisis, what you need to do is a backlit LED with local dimming.On the other hand, if price plays an important role, you should look for new advantages.Led TV with local dimming.
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