full led tv LED Vs. LCD TV

by:Leimove     2020-01-31

The comparison between LED and LCD televisions presented in this paper is intended to eliminate confusion about both technologies.Read and understand the similarities and differences between the two.We live in an era where we face a wealth of problems when buying gadgets or choosing technology.Choosing TV was a simple job decades ago, but it is no longer.The current market has been completely filled with new technologies such as LCD or plasma televisions.Also, we now have a new entry in the form of an led TV.LED, referred to as "LEDs", is a technology that is slowly entering the consumer electronics market due to the power economy it provides.For those who have not yet recovered from the crt TV hangover, LCD and LED are brand new technologies.Compared to conventional CRT TVs, the power consumption of these devices is very low.Let's take a look at the differences in the design of these two TV sets.This will help us explain these technologies and have a clear overview of LED TVs, which are relatively new entrants to the consumer electronics market.LED Vs.Unlike CRT, power is not required for LED and LCD technologyConsume cathode ray tubes for their operation.This distinguishes these technologies from the Times.old CRT.First of all, let's determine the difference in the design of LED and LCD TV sets.The technology that makes the led TV possible is not completely different from the LCD.In fact, it is the modification of the original LCD design.You can say that led TV has made great progress than LCD TV.In both technologies, images are created by modifying the polarization process of filling liquid crystal materials in a thin transparent shell.The light required to form an image is provided by the backlight that illuminates the liquid crystal.The difference between LED and LCD TV is the backlight used.For LCD TVs, cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs series are used as backlights, while LED TVs use LEDs.This is the main difference between the two gadgets being considered.In turn, using different lighting sources will greatly change the image quality.Compared with LCD TV, led TV provides a better level in color matching.The light emitted by the led TV is often softer in the eyes than the light emitted by the LCD TV.This is a very important point in comparison.With regard to led TV power consumption, it is well known that they are more economical in terms of using electricity.Led is a solid-state semiconductor device with lower power consumption compared to LCD TVs.Low power consumption is automatically converted to lower heat.They consume 40% less electricity than LCD peers.Therefore, in terms of power consumption, LED TVs are among the best in this round.Although the LCD has higher power consumption, it has more advantages than LED TVs in terms of cost.As led TV technology is relatively new and its manufacturing cost has not yet been reduced by mass production factors, the cost of led TV is much higher than that of LCD TV.However, prices are expected to drop significantly over time.A useful suggestion would be to go through some of the reviews provided by websites specifically for consumer electronics.In short, in terms of image quality, image display and even power consumption, the LED is definitely more advantageous than the LCD technology.Therefore, in order to achieve better overall performance, the LED display TV is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.
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