full led tv LED Vs. LCD Vs. DLP

by:Leimove     2020-01-31

The comparison between LED, LCD and DLP televisions given here will help you understand the main differences between them.If you are going to buy a new TV, you can choose a variety of options, including a variety of brands and technologies.The life of CRT TVs and computer monitors is declining.The reason can be attributed to the rise of new display technologies such as LCD and led TV.Another relatively old technology is DLP (digital light processing), which has been popular for some time.It can be very confusing to choose TV today because there are too many brands and technologies to choose from.When only CRT monitors and TVs are available, this is not as simple as it used to be.LED Vs.LCD Vs.Over the past few decades, we have been hit by a range of digital display technologies that offer superior image quality compared to old CRT screens.While LED and LCD TVs are the most technically similar, DLP is completely different.Let's take a look at the basic differences between the three.LED and LCD TVs use the same basic display technology, but the backlight used is different.In fact, led TV is an improved version of LCD TV.Both use liquid crystal display technology to display pictures.The picture is generated by modifying the polarization properties of the liquid crystal.Unlike a CRT display, the light required to create a picture is not generated by a cathode ray picture tube.Instead, the cold cathode fluorescent lamp is used for backlight.In led TV, the LED (LEDs) is used for backlight instead of a cold cathode fluorescent lamp.This single factor leads to all the differences between the two technologies.Although LED and LCD TVs share a common tradition, DLP technology has a completely different origin.The technology used in DLP projectors and TV for image creation is very different from LCD.Light shines on a DLP chip embedded with thousands of mirrors.Use a color rotation wheel to form a picture by modulation and focusing the light through the lens.DLP technology is mainly used to develop projectors, while LCD and LED technology continue to dominate the TV market.You will see the power consumption of the LED-The electric display is much smaller than the LCD.This is because the power required for the LEDs to work is inherently low.In contrast, the power consumption of DLP displays is much larger.DLP TVs are thick, bulky, thin and light compared to LED or LCD TVs.In terms of resolution, the image quality provided by these three technologies is comparable.LCD and LED TVs have better contrast compared to DLPs.Although there were many problems with dlp TV after the initial launch, as the technology improved, these problems decreased over time.I'm sure.xa0Here.xa0The basic differences between these Display technologies are clarified.So the next time you go to a local electronics store to pick up the TV, you can make an informed choice.
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