full led tv Lifespan of LCD Vs. LED TV

by:Leimove     2020-01-30

Today, LCD TV and led TV are competing for a share of the TV market, and one factor that everyone is closely watching is the longevity of these TVs.The difference in the use of these two lamps will affect their longevity, which is a decisive factor for many people.In this technical article, we will discuss the longevity of each person.Nowadays, flat-screen HD TVs have become very common in the consumer electronics market, but they do cost a lot of money.If you spend hundreds of dollars on a TV set, then you definitely need to know all the technologies that might be used before buying.LCD TVs and LED TVs are probably the most popular HD TVs on the market today, but there are some significant differences between the technologies included in these two TVs.Therefore, the life of each TV set is very different, which is a decisive factor for many consumers.For some types of consumers, buying TV happens once in a decade.For these people, the life of the TV is much more important than any other factor, because they just want the TV to be used as long as possible.The image output on the LCD TV and led TV itself is great, but for these people, this parameter is not important at all, and they are more concerned about how long the TV will actually run for them.All in all, LED TVs have a longer life span, but they have a much higher failure rate due to the large number of LED lights inside.
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