full led tv What is Edge-lit LED TV

by:Leimove     2020-02-01

Not many people know what an advantage is.The led TV is lit, or what is the difference between it and the same type of TV.If you happen to be one of these people, read on...When the whole world is involved in a heated debate about whether technological progress is a good thing or a bad thing, from the consumer's point of view, you can't deny that it's not just a benefit.There is absolutely no lack of choice in consumer electronics --No matter what you're looking at today.Television is one of the best examples.If you 've been thinking about the idea of buying a new TV, you're sure to come across a couple of options --In terms of brand and technology used.LCD TV PDP TV DLP TV....This list is long and you may never have encountered these abbreviations.Some even put LED TVs on this list, although they are not new, but rather a variant of the LCD TV that replaces CRTs.In short, what the manufacturer says is that the led TV is actually a LCD TV with LED backlight, not the CCFL backlight used in a normal LCD TV.That being said, the correct term for this TV set will be LED-Backlight LCD TV (although led TV is not used illegally ).Led TV is further divided into three different types according to the location of the lightPlace LEDs-Dynamic RGB LEDs, white edge-LEDs and Full-array LEDs.As their name suggests, edge-LEDs are an LCD TV in which LEDs are arranged along four sides of the screen in the form of small strips.Although the light source is arranged along the edges, the specially designed panel guides the light from the edge of the screen to the center, resulting in a uniform color range on the screen.This is the exact opposite-An array of LED TVs where LEDs are located behind the display.Since LEDs acting as light sources are arranged along the edges rather than just behind the screen, LED TVs end up being about 40% thinner than their full sizeCorresponding array LED.The depth of these TV setsAbout inches or less to make the wall-It's much easier to install these kits.Although they are already cheap compared to fullThinner array LED TVs also reduce the cost of transportation for these TVs., There are indeed some problems that need to be considered when choosing.When it comes to the problem, the first thing to consider is the black level.Since the light sources in these TVs are arranged on the edge of the screen, they cannot be separated from the full-Led TV array.When you compare edgeLEDs with backlighting, you will definitely encounter several positive and negative attributes of these two TV types, so the best option is to decide your priority.Although some comments do point out that the picture quality in them is full-array LED TVs -In particular, due to the low level of black people, most comments indicate that the picture quality of both is the same so far.Edge of South Pacific University-LEDs are the amazing depth it boasts, and if this is what you find attractive, you should continue to use it.Not only will it be cheaper, it will increase the elegance of your living room.
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