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by:Leimove     2020-01-16
Both G6.35 and GY6.35 is the basic code for the lamp with bi-Pin base connectors sometimes called micro bipins or mini-bipins.According to the code system developed by the International Electrical Commission, a G6.There are 1 in 35 lamp seats.0mm-Diameter pin, while gy6.There are 1 in 35 lamp seats.25mm-diameter pins.
In the lighting system, the socket is the socket connected to the power supply.The base is part of a lamp or bulb connected to the socket.The base of the lamp is of many types, including the Edison screw base, the bayonet bracket, the wedge base and the pin seat with one, two or four pins.
The lamp holder with two metal needles is called doublepin base.Bi-Pin connectors are common in the base of small halogen lamps and linear fluorescent lamps.Under the code system developed by IEC (International electrician Committee), all bi-The pin lamp holder is assigned a prefix G and a number that represents the number of millimeters (mm) that separate the two pins.
Space between two pins on the double lead footPin bulbs are determined by several factors.Different manufacturers may use different pin spacing, or in order to preventlamping.Over-Lamping is high-Wattage bulbs are placed in sockets designed for lower powerWattage bulbs, heating the lamp shell, causing fire hazards.
In the IEC code system, there may be another letter behind the G prefix.The second letter represents the configuration of the base, which determines the diameter and shape of the pin.For example, the pin can be round, square, groove, fat or slender.Under the IEC specification system, G6.35 for bi-Pin seat with 6.35mm price difference and 1.0mm-diameter pins.A GY6.35 basic code for biPin seat with 6.35mm price difference and a 1.25mm-diameter pin.
A lamp holder with a smaller space between pins, such as gy6.35 and G6.35 bases are sometimes called micro bi-pins or mini-bipins.The GY6.35 and G6.35 bases are usually used for small halogen lamps.
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