halogen bulbs t5 vs. t3 halogen bulb | ehow

by:Leimove     2020-01-16
Due to the addition of halogen gas inside the halogen lamp bulb, the tungsten wire burns hotter, brighter and longer at the same power, making the halogen lamp high-Intensity lighting.
The halogen bulb has a wide range of sizes and shapes, ranging from peanut size to 10-inch tubes.They have a wide range of connection types including plugs, screws, double heads and twists.
Decorative and novel lamps use smaller halogen lamps.Larger use of track lighting, high intensity lights, studio lights and spotlights-Halogen lamp of size.
The filament of any halogen lamp bulb is made of tungsten.Tungsten alloys of different grades burn at slightly different strength.
Any halogen lamp bulb can or cannot have a T name, and the T name only tells the grade of tungsten used in the filament.T does not indicate size, shape or power.
Different halogen lamps use different grades of tungsten wire.T5 is made of tungsten cobalt alloy and lasts slightly longer than T3 without cobalt.
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