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by:Leimove     2020-02-16
The comparison between induction lighting and metal halides is given in this paper.This will be preferable for factory lighting, area lighting.Metal halogen lamp (MH) is a common old-fashioned high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting developed in early 1960s.It has been a very popular form of lighting for the past 40 years, and its lamp life capability and ballast technology have been improving in recent years.However, some of the bad features inherent in MH lighting need to be considered, especially when used in factory lighting.First of all, they are a single point light source, which makes their glare very high, and second, they run very hot, which makes the lights constantly turn on and off to cool the lights, the heat also increases the deterioration of the fixtures, and occasionally there will be an explosive globe.Here is a point-by-point comparison between inductive lighting and metal halogen lamp (MH) lighting.
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