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by:Leimove     2020-02-16
Car lighting must be perfect so that both drivers and passengers can feel safe on the road.A car is equipped with various lights that perform specific functions.These lights include :-1) headlights: these are the most basic lights on the car.These are the ones in front and illuminate the way in front.When they are in open mode, there are usually two types of settings.The first mode is "low beam" or "dip light", which means they emit light of low intensity.The second mode is to send out "far light" of very high intensity light ".Both modes can be controlled from inside the car.2) side lights: these are also called marking lights or park lights.The lights appear on the side of the car and also near the front and back corners.These lights tell you the direction of the vehicle coming from behind, thus preventing the occurrence of accidents.The front side light is yellow or yellow, and the rear side light is red.3) taillights: these are available at the back of the car.These lights are illuminated whenever you turn on park lights or headlights.These lights make it easy for your car to see from behind in the dark.4) brake lights: these lights appear in the back end of the car together with the tail lights.These are illuminated every time they brake.Whenever a sudden brake occurs, these help to manage the speed of the vehicle coming from the back.These are very helpful to prevent bangs.5) Center High-Install stop lights: these are usually brake lights that are lit with the application of the brakes.They are mounted on the rear or brake lights of the car and are located in the center of the car.6) turn signal: There are four lights in the car as turn signal.Two in the front and two in the back.The front signal is yellow or yellow, and the back signal is red.These lights are signs of direction.On some cars, they coordinate side sign lights with flash lights.7) Fog lights: these are under the front of the car.They are specially designed to illuminate the road in foggy conditions.These lights work by illuminating the road from below rather than from above.These lights are easier to see on the road.These lights add to the safety of your vehicle and make your car look appealing.So let your car put these lights on today.You can buy these lights from the online store because there are many online stores that trade in them.What are you waiting?Catch them quickly.
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