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by:Leimove     2020-01-11
LED plant growth lights and LED plant growth lights are now the most popular growth lights in the world.They are most suitable for the growth of plants in greenhouses or indoor gardens.LED Growth lights and LED plant growth lights are much more energy efficient than traditional growth lights and can save 60%-Electricity charges 70%.
They are the most efficient lighting device in your garden and greenhouse history.The traditional growth lamps mainly include metal halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps.These lights are the energy that devours the monster, generating a lot of heat and wasting most of the energy they consume.
LED Growth lights and LED plant growth lights are equipped with high power LEDs that can emit the specific wavelength required for photosynthesis at very low power consumption and produce less heat.The unique edges of LED plant growth lights and LED plant growth lights are as follows: 1.Since the light source is much more energy efficient than the traditional growth light, the energy efficient led Growth Light with high power led.
As we all know, LED lighting uses the motion of the electronics to convert electric energy into light and convert most of the power consumed into light.Compared to the CFL grow lamp, the LED plant grow lamp can save more than 50% of the electricity bill and produce much less heat.For MH lights or hp lights, they are a huge amount of energy generated by heat.
LED Growth lights consume only 30%-While providing better lighting effects, the power of these lights is 40%.When we choose growth lights, the first thing we consider is electricity consumption, and LED plant growth lights are the most energy-efficient growth lights of all time, so they become our best choice.2.The installation and maintenance of the LED Growth Light is very easy, and you can complete it completely yourself in a few minutes.
Using a normal screwdriver, any part of the lamp is replaced in less than 3 minutes.No transportation requiredAt the same time, LED plant growth lights require little maintenance cost over a long life of more than 35,000 hours.3.No annoying buzz. There will be annoying buzz when traditional growth lights start and run.
When the LED growth lights are different, they are quiet when starting and running.In time, noisy lights in your growth room can be a hassle.While this may not be a problem at first, the actual noise of a unique light system may eventually strain yourself.
High-One of the most important aspects of plant growth lighting is to provide adequate lighting for plants.This problem does not occur when using LED grow lights.Therefore, your plants and flowers will definitely grow well in the summer and winter months.
Otherwise, you will have problems whenever there is less outdoor lighting, especially in the winter.5.Much less heat is produced. The fatal disadvantage of traditional growth lights is that they release too much heat, not light that is useful for photosynthesis, and heat can hurt plants.However, the LED plant growth lights are different;They have a lot less heat and feel cool and don't burn plants.
Specific wavelength plant growth lights that promote plant photosynthesis are designed to have specific wavelengths for different stages of plant growth and can greatly promote photosynthesis
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