in the light led How Do I Make a Halogen Fishing Light?

by:Leimove     2020-03-18
Night fishing keeps water activities going after sunset for a long time.In order to effectively fish at night, you need a light that will illuminate your fishing line without projecting too bright light on the water, which can scare off the fish.Halogen lamps are effective in this regard;You can make it yourself with some of the old flashlight tubes and materials found in the home improvement store.This project will take about half a day.Teaching difficulty: medium setting 6-PVC pipe or old flashlight housing inch length on flat working surface or work table.If you are using a flashlight case, too long, cut it down with a handsaw and smooth the edges with a hobby --Grade sandpaper.Remove the lamp wiring kit and assemble the wires through the perfboard.Separate the red line from the black line;Push them into the perf board so they can be attached to the reflector Cup.Connect the silver tongue of the lamp set to the bottom of the reflector cover, where the 10 w halogen lamp end will come into contact.This will provide the current from the battery to power the bulb.Push the 10 w halogen lamp into the bulb hole in the center of the reflective cover.Make sure that the end of the bulb passes through the end, where it can come into contact with the silver tongue from the lamp mounting kit.Pass the wires through the flashlight tube or the PVC tube to expose them to the other end.Connect the red line to the red/front accessory on the lamp mounting kit, where it is connected to the silver tongue.Connect the black wire to the black/negative connection point.Using little Philip's-The head screwdriver holds the wire under a small screw on the tongue.Push the reflector cover with the bulb into the top of the flashlight tube or PVC tube.Plug the exposed wires into the tube so that they are under the reflector cap and placed inside the tube.Slide the battery into the PVC pipe, and if the PVC pipe is used, seal the base with a screw cap or tape at the end of the flashlight tube.When ready, turn the reflector cover to the right and move halfTurn to push the bulb down so that it is in contact with the silver tongue and connect the circuit to the battery to power the bulb.Shining reflection cover in a month-The angle on the surface of the water so that the light can illuminate the fishing line without direct contact with the surface of the water.Eric Cedric, once an Alaska native, has lived in California for 20 years.He published it on "outside" and "backpacker" and wrote a book about small-Alaska town, north-southeast.Cedric has been a professional mountaineering guide and field expedition leader for 18 years.He has worked in Russia, Iceland, Greece, Turkey and Belize.Cedric is a private pilot at Syracuse University.
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