in the light led How to Build a Green Fishing Light

by:Leimove     2020-03-19
The green light attracted the fish.They will attract the attention of the small fish, and the small fish will attract the attention of the big fish.Building a green fishing light is not necessarily a complicated process.Your goal is to put a waterproof light in the water.Some simple supplies will make you shine quickly.Description difficulty: add small stones appropriately at the bottom of the bottle.This will press the bottle down so it will sink.Add as much as possible, but be sure to leave room for light.Break the fluorescent stick and put it in the bottle.Put as much as possible into the upper half of the bottle so that the light will be strong.Put the cap back on the bottle.Tie the fishing line from the rod and reel to the top of the bottle, just under the cap.Throw the light out and put the rod on the stand so you don't have to catch it.The article by Tara DooleyTara Dooley has been written for various websites since 2008.She worked as an accountant.Serve as school director and retail manager in different locations.Dooley has a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance.
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