in the light led How to Use Lights at Night to Catch Fish

by:Leimove     2020-03-20
Many different kinds of fish, whether fresh or sea water, can be caught while fishing at night.A more common way to fish at night is to use lights.The use of lights at night is a technique designed to attract smaller plankton or bait fish to feed on.When bait fish begin to gather and gather around the food, their presence attracts larger game fish, which will be close to feeding on bait fish.Description difficulty: moderately connect the floodlight to the ship railing used during fishing at night.The light should be placed in order to direct the beam down to the surface of the water, not at an angle.Tie a heavy rope or rope to a diving fishing light with two to 3 pounds weights that will hang from the bottom of the lamp.The purpose is to weigh the lamp so that it can attract bait fish at the desired depth, and the weight also helps to keep the lamp more stationary.Place the boat in a position on the water, which helps attract larger game fish such as bait fish and bass.Shine the rail-Install floodlights on the water.Direct the light down, not at a certain angle.This will help to see under the water.Put the diving light into the water to sink it to the desired depth.Tie the heavy rope to the anchor point to avoid applying pressure on the power cord that causes the light.Turn on the lights and wait for the bait fish to start school while feeding.Place bait, such as a crank or plastic swim bait, in or near the school fish, match the type of bait fish that is attracted, and wait for the larger game fish to start eating.Tips and warning articles written by Tara DooleyTara Dooley have been written for various websites since 2008.She worked as an accountant.Serve as school director and retail manager in different locations.Dooley has a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance.
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