in the light led San Pablo Bay lighthouse needs new keeper

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in the light led San Pablo Bay lighthouse needs new keeper
On the Ridgemont coast near Richmond Bridge, Elan, Katy and Drake (1) Stewart live on an island that is a lighthouse administrator on East Brother Island near Richmond CapeNovember 28, 2008.The Coast of Richmond Point, near Richmond Bridge, Ilan, Katie and Drake (1) Stewart live on an island, they are the East brothers near Richmond point CailfNovember 28, 2008.Have you been laid off recently?Don't despair.Life's work is waiting for you on the windy island.Or at least lost in the fog.A non-profit organization in Richmond is looking for a couple as a lighthouse administrator for East Brother IslandKerry rock in San Pablo Bay.The award-winning applicants will pay close attention to the flashing Fresnel lights and a pair of foghorns, and will operate a hotel located at the 1874 lighthouse, which still has a properly functioning Coast Guard light."We love it here," said Elan Stewart, a 30-year-old outgoing Lighthouse Administrator, who has worked with his 32-year-old wife Katy for three years."It's definitely isolated, but it's easy to get to the city, so we get the best of both worlds."Stewart, their two dogs and their 11-month-The old son plans to move to Tacoma, wosh.To get closer to the family."If we can figure out how to deliver our pizza, we might stay here forever," Katie said ."."But that's great.I like its independence.And of course the scenery.And neighbors."The nearest neighbor is the port owner of the port point of San Pablo yacht, a 20-A minute boat ride around this point and into the harbor.Non-human neighbors include seals, sea lions, pelicans, morcor, seagulls and Turkey that are occasionally lost.Since the first lighthouse administrator moved in before 134, the life of Dongge has not changed much.Flashing lights.The ships pass.The fog rolled in and the horn rang.Twice, ships hit the island.On one occasion, Elan saved a swimmer.Electricity comes from a mix of solar panels, propane and underwater cables from the coast.A small septic system can handle waste.Water from 70,000-A gallon tank that collects rain.Too little supply, guest.Even those who pay $415 a nightShowers are not allowed unless they stay for the second night.4 afternoons a week guests will come here for champagne and 4-Dinner, then overnight in three picturesque placesBeacon of Victorian times.Stewart spent part of his time cooking, cleaning and handling paperwork at the hotel.However, when the guests left, Dongge's life soon returned to eternal peace.Since there is no TV reception and limited power, the only sound is the gulls that beep every 20 seconds 24 hours a day from October, the waves that beat the rocky coast and foghorn.1 to April 1."You can get there very quickly, but once you get there, you're in a different world," said Tom Bart, a member of the city of Oman."Only birds, boats and fog.You're just being transferred to another era."The lighthouse was built in the United States.S.Lighthouse Service, guided boats between San Francisco Bay and Marais and the Delta.All of the original buildings are still in use: The Lighthouse, the inn owner's cottage and a small building that houses the original foghorn, a low, deafening buildingInclined diaphragm driven by air compressor.After the U.S.The Coast Guard absorbed the lighthouse service in 1930 seconds, automated the lights, and installed a modern foghorn around 1970, and the island did not need a Lighthouse Administrator.Dong Ge has been sitting in an uninhabited place for about ten years, except for teenagers who often visit.In 1980, a group of conservatives were given permission from the Coast Guard, which owns the island, to renovate the lighthouse and take over its maintenance.The team is led by Auckland mechanical engineer Walter Vanning, whose grandparents have been the Lighthouse Administrator of Dongge for decades.Income from the bed-and-Breakfast pays for island maintenance and supports lighthouse administrators who earn between $70,000 and $100,000 and have board and board.The island is now listed on state and federal historic sites.Pat Diamond was the first Watchman after the lighthouse reopened.and-Breakfast almost 30 years ago."We had some crazy nights out there," said Diamond, who is now the mother of twin 9 --year-Old people in Los Altos"Not much to print.I'm single, in my 20 s, let me say that."Diamond initially accepted the job with a boyfriend, but he was a little out of control," her next colleagueThe goalkeeper was Fan Ning, who was in his 70 s.They did a strange couple, she said, but managed to keep the operation alive.Then, as it is now, there is nothing to do when guests leave.People can see the birds landing on the land of the West brother, which is about 100 yards away without trees or waving to the sailors as they glide.Or blow up old Buddha horn.According to local legends, those who enjoy a romantic episode on the island will hear the sound of foghorn's celebration.Other than that, it's just the wind, the seagulls, the fog and the history."It's like anything I 've experienced before or after," Diamond said ."."It was a hard job to run a hotel and it was hard to be so isolated, but I felt very lucky that I could do it.You're really a part of history.
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