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by:Leimove     2020-01-17
With reduced energy costs, homeowners use fluorescent bulbs more frequently, including standard tubes and newer compact fluorescent lighting (CFL ).When an incandescent lamp generates light by heating the tungsten element until it emits white heat, the fluorescent lamp generates light by electrical stimulation of the phosphate coating inside the bulb.
Common dimmers in home lighting control can adjust the brightness of incandescent lamps.The current in the home changes 60 times per second (50 in Europe), and modern dimming circuits turn off the power supply briefly during each oscillation.
The fluorescent bulb depends on the current transmitted through the ionization gas.It takes a second or so to create this conduction path when it is first turned on, which is why the fluorescent bulb is slowly turned on.
The traditional dimmer will briefly interrupt the current many times per second, and the current interrupt will turn off the ionization conduction path through the bulb.So if you try to dim the fluorescence with a traditional light dimmer, it will be in a state of constant restart.The most likely result is that it doesn't glow when you try to dim the fluorescent bulb.
There are specially designed dimmers for fluorescent lighting.These dimmers will only work after certain ballasts are installed in fluorescent lamps.Please consult the manufacturer for specific switch and ballast compatibility.
In 2009, CFL bulbs that can be darkened become commercially available.These bulbs contain special circuits that can reduce the light output by about 50.
These bulbs work with standard rotary or sliding dimming switches that are usually installed in the home.Since the energy consumption of fluorescent lighting is much lower than that of incandescent lamps, the energy saving effect of dimmer is minimal.
Dimmers installed for incandescent lighting do not use ordinary fluorescent bulbs.There are special dimmers and ballasts that can provide fluorescent lighting that can be dim when they are used together.Due to the additional cost of these fixtures, they are only common in commercial applications.
CFL bulbs with additional circuits can now be dimmable through standard bulb dimmers.
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